Why Herbalist Dr. Sebi called the dandelion root herb the silent doctor

Dr. Sebi dandelion root

Dandelion lion root (taraxacum officinal) has gotten the highest praise from herbalist Dr. Sebi along with many other natural healers such as the late great Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Dr. Afrika, and most recent natural nutritionist brother dick Gregory. Queen Afua mentioned dandelion as "juices to the rescue” for detoxifying. Dandelion root is part of her womb wellness cleansing food plan. What makes this herb so highly revered by these naturalists? You and I are about to find out why.

Dandelion root once said by Dr. Sebi to have been used to treat all of the seven major organs in the human body. I now understands why because I fact checked the benefits of the dandelion root herb. The parts of the herb used are the leaves and its roots. The organs the herb affects are listed below.

Dandelion properties are galactagogue, astringent alternative, stomachic, lithotriptic, hepatic, diuretic, and cholagogue.

Dandelion affects the blood, pancreas, gallbladder, intestine, kidneys, liver, and stomach. It now makes sense why Dr. Sebi used dandelion root to treat the major organs. Queen Afua said to drink dandelion tea made from its leaves and roots to strengthen the woman womb. She recommended it for anemia, and she even said dandelion tea purifies and expel acid from the blood. So, let's explore even more powerful healing properties of the dandelion root herb.

Purposes and healing benefits of dandelion root

The root of dandelion affects many forms of secretion and excretion from the human body. It removes toxins or poisons by acting as a tonic and stimulant in the body. Dandelion cleanses the liver and the blood. Diabetes is benefited because dandelion works well to cleanse the blood- eczema and dropsy are benefited from this as well.

Dandelion root is high in the mineral iron; it is excellent for treating anemia. When taking internally, dandelion removes excess water and promotes the formation of bile’s: a yellow greenish liquid made by the liver to help the body digest fats. Dandelion reduces Uric acid and serum cholesterol. Lastly, dandelion tea is good for constipation, insomnia, and dyspepsia. Are you beginning to understand why herbalists called dandelion root the silent doctor?

Dandelion root cleanses the organs

To improve good balance and functioning of the stomach, pancreas, spleen, and kidneys why not use the dandelion root herb tea. Dandelion root tea is good for gallstones, liver problems or liver detoxification, and stomachaches.

Here are some dandelion root recipes


  • Boil and drink half a cup of dandelion tea every half hour until you get relief.

Decrease sugar in the blood with dandelion root tea (hypoglycemia)

  • Drink one cup of dandelion tea two to three times a day and eat or maintain a nourishing diet of fruits and fresh vegetables.

Other awesome benefits of dandelion root

  • can eliminate onset diabetes in adult
  • Good for the heart because of the high mineral iron
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Good for boils when taken internally
  • Relieves menopause symptoms
  • Good for breast tumors
  • Good for cirrhosis of the liver
  • Good for constipation
  • Good for liver and spleen enlargement
  • Dandelion is good for fluid retention
  • Dandelion is good for hepatitis, bronchitis, jaundice, and rheumatism. Researches have shown dandelion root cured hepatitis in about a week or more when one’s diet is nourishing and proper.

Dandelion root is truly a silent doctor. The best healer among herbs, no wonder it is loved by so many natural healers, including the well-known Dr. sebi. So many healthful benefits, dandelion root can be prepared as a tea and its greens can be eating fresh as a salad. Be sure to pick some dandelion root tea or greens at your local market next time you are there.


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