Is Quaker oatmeal healthy, is it gluten free, and what about its nutrition.

Quaker oat

What are the harmful additives or preservatives  that gets into your body from eating Quaker oatmeal. These are questions being raised after an investigation was done in a what is now the best selling book, Additive Alert. The book is making a lot of enemies with big corporate food giants and they are doing every thing they can to discredit this book.

Is Quaker oatmeal healthy

If you are amongst the million of people who eat Quaker instant oatmeal for breakfast, you read the label, but not fully understand all of the information written behind the Quaker box. Yes, they wrote all the good nutritional benefits on the front side.

For example,  190 calories, seven grams of protein,  and five grams of fiber from a one cup of Quaker instant oatmeal(51g). Then you turn behind the box to read the ingredients, most people understand some of the information available, but majority of it we can't even pronounce some of the words. That's when we come in to help make clear the information written on the Quaker oatmeal label.

To understand what you are eating and putting into your body, your children's body, or your love ones. The understanding of the additive and preservative in the instant oatmeal is imperative. If after you have realized the potential danger the food label have conveyed to you. The hope is that you will think about the instant oatmeal next time you think of picking one up from your local store shelves.

Quaker oatmeal nutrition fact

We are going to discuss the ingredients and nutrition fact of oatmeal from the top down starting with whole grain rolled oats hopping to find out what are the additives, preservatives, pesticides, and synthetic colors added to instant oatmeal. At the end of this investigation, you'll have all the information to help you decide whether instant oatmeal is bad for you to eat.

    Oats is GMO ( genetically modified)

    Sugar is unhealthy and is linked to obesity. Sugar possible effects are brain damage, retardation, may cause brain chemistry changes, tumors, vision problems, menstrual difficulties, headaches, and may affect Foetal  brain development

    Sodium sulfite is a synthetic chemical used as a preservative to prevent dried fruits from discoloring. Sodium sulphate can cause asthma and can destroy vitamin B1 ( thiamine).

    Whey protein isolate is a ingredient from isolated milk. Milk from cow that fed on GMO crops, administered growth hormones, and administered antibiotic both in the feed/ the cow directly

    Maltodextrin is a synthetic food additive made from glucose-starch of corn or wheat used to thicken food products, which are GMO crops.  Glucose is not healthy, it is an isolated chemical from corn, which can have adverse health effects on the body- same as sugar.

    Cranberry is GMO

    Calcium carbonate  is a substance found in rocks and limestone. The body cannot process such mineral because it is not derived from natural plants, which the body can recognize. Excessive  use of calcium carbonate is hazardous to the body due to build-up. 

    Malic acid  is a synthetic food additive that is found in most fruits- especially Apple; it gives Apple their sour taste. It is produced synthetically as a food additive added to processed food for energy. Bloating and cramping has been reported by some people who used Malic acid.

    Soy lecithin is used for smoothing the texture of food products; it is made from soy, which A GMO crop.

    Niacinamide  is toxic to the liver in adults at dosage exceeding 3 gram a day.

    Pyridoxine hydrochloride is a form of synthetic vitamin B6 to enrich food.

What have we learned from the instant oatmeal label review analysis?

We have found an enormous of isolated synthetic chemicals, additives, and preservative. We found almost all of the ingredients to be potentially of GMO crops. Lastly, we found much of the ingredients to have serious potential health risk. In conclusion, the instant oatmeal in our opinion is a dangerously bad food for consumption--Eat at your own risk.

Is Quaker oatmeal gluten free? 

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