Natural acne treatment

Dr. Sebi acne treatment

What is acne?

Acne is a condition of the skin oil glands in numerous places in the body. Oil glands located on the face, back, chest, neck, and arms. fatty lubricant matter secreted by the glands of the skin is called sebaceous. Acne is caused by many factors; this can be due to puberty, hormonal changes, adolescence, self-esteem, and social suppression of emotions, thoughts, or desires.

Types of acne

The forms of acne depends in severity:

•Black heads, the black look is caused by oxygen presence on the skin oil, not dirt.

•white heads, the build up of oil which appears as a white blemish.

•nodules ,a small lump on a part of the body.

•Superficial pustules, a small bump on the skin that contains or produces pus

•cysts, a growth filled with liquid that forms in or on your body.

• large deep pustules, a bump that breaks down leading to a scar.

Acne treatments

There are many ways to treat acne, from proscriptions to over the counter products. The choice is up to the reader.

Mineral supplements recommended

•zinc plays a role in how the body processes hormones. Zinc taking daily may help to reduce inflammation and healing damaged skin.

•chromium helps to remove the bacteria that can sustain acne. Chromium can be taken as a supplement or directly injected into the acne spots.

•water is import to the health of our bodies. Drinking water improves circulation by making the blood less thicker, delivered nutrients in every organs in the body, and water opens the blood vessels in our body. Without sufficient hydration, the cannot  effective flush out waste and disease causing toxins.

Natural herbal remedies for acne treatment(non GMO):




Tea tree oil

Black currant seeds

Thyme as a tea or oil

Clove oil

African black soap to wash face