Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dick Gregory on malt liquor linked to crime and violence

Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dick Gregory on malt liquor linked to crime and violence

According to Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dick Gregory showed him something in Atlanta about beer and malt liquor are linked to crimes and violence because malt liquor is heavily laced with manganese. He told the minister about a killing that happened in Central Park New York of a white guy and a girl having rough sex after they were drinking beer and malt liquor. The white guy then killed the girl.


Dick Gregory pointed out to Farrakhan that most people think beer and malt liquor are the same, but they are different. Malt liquor and beer is two different things. Dick Gregory showed Farrakhan an article about a professor named Roger Masters from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire who is tracking from FBI file studies of the violence in the inner cities and he's linking it to pollution in the water.


Malt liquor and manganese linked to crime

His study says that peaceful people can be turned into violent people when certain amounts of lead and manganese are found in the water and in their system. Malt liquor is sold exclusively in the black community and there is a high amount of manganese in malt liquor.


Manganese linked to violence

Malt liquor is heavily laced with manganese. According to dick Gregory, malt liquor is made by a white company, but only sold in black neighborhood and no one checks to see what’s in it. He went on to say that malt liquor because it has so much manganese will make you kill your mama.


Drinking malt liquor and drinking contaminated lead water which are usually in poor communities with all of the other poisonous wastes that are dump right around where poor people live, and you wonder why they are infected with high crimes. Lead affect people’s thinking capability, there is only one chemical more dangerous than lead and that is manganese as dick Gregory stated during the “state of the black union.”


The largest homicide place in the world is not in a black ghetto in America. Gregory mention that place is in a little town in Australia where the white folk’s homicide rate is 200 times what their population is and that town is happen to be located near a manganese plant.