Men designing GMO chickens

GMO Chicken

Men designing GMO chickens to exploit for their own gain. Meet a new kind of GMO chicken, genetic engineering. Selective breeding is a tool used to control the natural world. This tool was used to breed chickens to look and act a certain way, meet the featherless  scales GMO chicken. 

The chicken you eat may look normal, but they have been bred to grow as fat and as fast as possible. Greedy chicken has a heart rate has fast as 300 beats per minutes. Chicken has a high metabolism and find it difficult to cool down. So to prevent overheated chicken, geneticist have developed a genetically modified chicken without any feathers and  scales on their feet. Therefore, the heat is dissipated through the chickens skin and legs.

Geneticists were looking for a genetic solution,  which means instead of cooling the environment of chickens with feathers, but instead helping them feel cool by just removing their feathers.  So geneticist went to the extreme by genetically cross breeding chicken to remove the feathers. Chickens without the genes to make feathers.

The picture you see here is the original mutant chicken- a female without any feathers with smooth skin.

The picture below is a male gmo chicken without any feathers and scales on its feet-the scales mutation. 

The reddish color this male has means that it is mature and he is ready to mate. He is in heat of a female. It is testosterone which make it turns to red.

Having successfully bred featherless chicken.  Geneticists went on farther to create a large size genetically GMO chicken. That was the next challenge, they managed to do it and bred this huge featherless genetically GMO chicken.

These genetically GMO chickens are the result of genetic engineering. After many generations of mating the chickens with other featherless genes chickens. This is what they have ended up with. A new GMO chicken with completely featherless. What is your reaction to this new genetically GMO featherless chicken? I myself was an revolt. What would the chickens say if they could speak and had a choice? Furthermore, would you eat these featherless chickens. Do you even know if you have eating a featherless genetically GMO chicken? 

What is the future of the featherless GMO chickens and are they going to be in our supermarkets? TThese genetically GMO chickens are going to be in the supermarkets in tropical countries around the world. They have already named some of the countries. For example, in Nigeria, Indonesia, and many other developing countries.