Illegal Human Organ Trafficking

Chicago illegal organ trafficking

Organs are the only commodities that people must have to live that you cannot buy in a store. So, if you are sick and you need a heart, you can't buy a heart at a store. But according to Dick Gregory, you can get one faster from poverty stricken inner cities like Chicago's black-market illegal organ trafficking.


They’ve been utilizing the organs of black people for years: the organs and body parts of African American people goes back to George Washington. There is a myth that George Washington had wooden teeth; we’ve heard that myth growing up in school. The reality is George Washington did not have wooden teeth because common sense will tell you can't put wood in your mouth, it gets wet and wet wood will rotten.


George Washington had the teeth of his African slaves yanked out of their mouths and he made ventures out of those teeth. Those teeth are on display in his museums right now, but that goes to show the history of African people having their bodies mutilated-- disfigured for the betterment and benefit of the dominant society. Today it is happening in Chicago organ trafficking underground black market and it is being cover up with crime.

In America at least at least 3000 black people go missing every year, never to be found again, not killed, you just don't find them again. That number never goes down, how can you constantly have the same amount of people goes missing every year? Are you trying to say the same killers go out and murdered the same people every year, besides too many evidences point their missing to illegal organ trafficking?


  • For example, cops come to your house to inform you that your child just been shot dead. You don't have jurisdiction over the body—the coroner does. You can’t get that body until the Coroner releases the body to you. So, when the body was released, you go to pick it up and you see the cutting and the stitches; you thought they were there because of investigation that they were doing—most of these cases are organ stealing.


  • The constant drive-by shooting in the inner cities of Chicago, most of them are staged to kill and still African American organs. Organ trafficking Chicago is big business, in fact, black organ harvesting is big business all over the world.


  • It has been known for a long time even back in slavery times that black organs were considered superior genetically to other people’s organs. For example, when rich white folk have needed to get a heart transplant, liver transplant, or a kidney transplant, they would harvested from a black person.


  • In Georgia there was a case of an African American seventeen-year-old boy who was found mysteriously dead at school; he died in the gym, they did an autopsy and they buried him. His family wasn’t satisfied with the results because they still wanted to know what happened to their son. They had the body exhumed, found out that his organs were missing and his body was stuffed with newspapers. People are still trying to find answers… There are many cases like this all of around the country.


  • Another case in California: a young African American man was found dead in Death Valley in the desert, all of his organs were missing: his liver, heart, lungs, and kidneys—all gone.


  • There is a case in in the UK about a Somalian girl who was brought to the United Kingdom for organ harvesting, they found out they were going to harvest her organs and they stop it.


  • There was another case about an Asian couple, they went over to Africa; they adopted a black girl and two weeks later she was dead. So, these cases of organ harvesting are going on all over the world.


  • Another example, here in America, the Rodney King riot, and the cops arrested 18,213 black people. They couldn’t find 10,000 of them—they just went missing. The same thing happened in New Orleans after Catharina. Helicopters were picking up black babies; the parents never got many of those children back.
  • Organ harvesting is a business; it is set up in so many sophisticated places around the so-called third world where nations like France, England, New Zealand, Israel, and America all the big European countries now are looking in the impoverished countries like Brazil, South Africa, Haiti, and right here in America in poor black neighborhood.
  • Wherever there is poverty, crime, there will be a lot of deaths and a lot of shooting. You will also find illegal killing for organ harvesting in the black market. Sadly, the poor impoverish people are likely to be the targets—mostly black people.
  • Organs are the only commodities that people must have to live that you cannot buy in a store. So, if you are sick and you need a heart, you can't buy a heart at a store. If you have the money to get one in order to live. Other people are going to die and most likely it is going to be poor people around the world—black, brown, and some white people which makes the majority of the world poorest people and Chicago organ trafficking has no ending in sight anytime soon.