How To Treat a Bad Black Eye With Natural Remedies

How To Treat a Bad Black Eye

A black eye is the little veins beneath the eyes, which are bruised. Black eye is when you get hit around the eyes and the area around your eyes turn black. So, let us assume you are watch a boxing match, then one opponent gets hit in the eye. Following the blow may caused blood to pool around the eyeball to quickly assist healing, therefore, you get a black eye.

How to treat a black eye:

Before you attempt to treat the black eye, it is important if you are experiencing internal bleeding from the eyes that you may want to visit a professional ophthalmologist.

You can treat black eyes like a pro, it is actually easy to care for any black eye. For immediate relief, you can apply a cold piece of iron  to the area of the black eye( small piece of tire iron) to reduce the swelling.  You can also hold a soda can to the cheek for a few minutes--just do not place the can on the eye directly.  If the black eye has swelling, you can place or press an ice bag on the area.

Things to avoid if you got a black eyes:

    Avoid blowing your nose while you have a black eye because blowing the nose may cause blood vessels to spread to other areas of the eye.

    Refrain from taking aspirin because aspirins are anticoagulant, which will increase bleeding and prevent the blood from clotting. Aspirin is a blood thinner.

How To Treat a Bad Black Eye with natural remedies

How to cover up a black eye:

What you going to need is a concealer, foundation, and more concealer. The concealer can be a boo boo cover-up.  You can use a beauty blender to apply the foundation. You may need to apply a second layer of your foundation to get everything to blend out. A morphe foundation brush is good for this. Next, use the concealer, you can apply it like you would normally apply a concealer. Finally, use something like an airspun powder to put on and cover the concealer, so it does not crease. And that is it, this is how you cover up a black eye.

Reducing a swollen black eye:

To reduce the swollen of a black eye, you will need to do any of the following.

    place some ice over the eye every thirty minutes or so.

    Leave the affected eye alone, it will heal on its on naturally.

    Increase blood flow to the area of the eye by doing a heat compress, which is applying a warm piece of cloth to the black eye to permit more oxygen flow through blood vessels for faster healing.

If you or someone close to you have a black eye, you first duty is to notify a qualified professional, especially if you do not know what you are doing. If you do feel confident and know how to treat the black eye, the tips mentioned here may be useful in assisting caring for the affected eye.