Dr. Sebi mucus is the cause of every disease, best ways to get rid of phlegm after eating and clear mucus from your throat

Dr. Sebi mucus is the cause of every disease

Phlegm is that thick mucus like gel or slime produced by the mucous membranes, and like mucus, phlegm comes out by coughing through the respiratory passages: lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, or the diaphragm. It is gross and disgusting, I want to vomit anytime I see or think of phlegm.


The color of phlegm varies from a water-like color, which is clear, yellow, brown, dark grey, green, or pale depending on what foods that were consumed. There are those who think that the color of your phlegm indicates the meaning of your health, but there isn’t enough research to back that claim. Phlegm will take the color of whatever food that was consumed, so the color will vary... Phlegm and mucus are similar in look, but they do differ, one is much more a health hazard to the body as you will soon find out.


What is mucus?

Mucus is a gel like liquid produced by the mucus membranes; it is a thick slippery liquid made in abundant of water and glycoproteins by cells located in mucous glands.



Difference between phlegm and mucus:

Mucus and phlegm are not the same even though most people consider them as one. Let me explain, mucus is produced by my body natural as a defense mechanism. For example, mucus traps bacteria from entering the body. But if I over eat bad unnatural foods that cause my body to produce excessive mucus, and then I will have a problem because me cells and organs are going to be deprive of oxygen.


Phlegm carries disease:

Phlegm on the other hand is very hard to get out of the body. When the body has phlegm, it is likely that it's a disease because phlegm is disease tolerant and is present when there is a disease first, not after, in the body. When phlegm comes out within your body it will have mucus in it, but it will also include bacteria, engulf or crumble cells and viruses as well. Phlegm is more problematic to your body.


Dr. sei, the relation between food and disease: mucus is the cause of every disease.

Mucus disease

We want to know what disease is because if we do not know the causes of disease, then it would be impossible for us to zero in on a meaningful cure or any cure at all. What is disease, the doctors never told and we kept going back to them. The question should have been answered anthropologists and the archeologist. Why wait for the healer to come because if we are diseased, we are unaware as to the cause to our disease, then whatever comes after that means nothing because our bodies are sick.



Dr. Sebi said constant mucus is the cause of every disease.

Disease is when you have ingested a substance that was uncomplimentary with your genetic structure. As for black people or African people around the world, there is mucus. Mucus is the cause of all diseases.


Disease is the accumulation of mucus; breaking down the mucus membrane, and that mucus covering groups of cells in your body. For example, we have the mucus membrane in the body to protect us from the onslaught of aerobic bacteria—nonetheless, the mucus membrane is for protection of the body.


Mucus and phlegm cause diseases:

We eat acid foods and the acid food breaks down the mucus membrane and cause mucus to flow with the blood covering other groups of cells that belong to organs, and depriving them of oxygen. If the mucus goes to your nostrils, they called it sinusitis; if the mucus goes to your bronchial tube, they called it bronchitis; if the mucus goes to the lungs, they called it pneumonia. Mucus in your eyes will also cause vision problems.


So, you have three different diseases caused by mucus. So, what about when the mucus goes to the prostate gland, its prostatitis. When the mucus goes to the uterus of a woman, they called it endometriosis or vaginal discharge or yeast infection. So, we have this mucus situation, which producing all of those diseases caused by inadequate of diet. Mucus is the underline cause for all disease.


Phlegm after eating

Phlegm happens daily, the after math of coughing up Phlegm after eating; the result of consuming acidic foods. If you did not understand the reason you are producing so much phlegm after eating; it is because of the foods. Processed food which the body does not recognize can weaken the mucus membrane and create excessive phlegm.


If after eating you start producing a lot of phlegm, you may want to refrain from eating that food; it is a warning from your body that such food is unhealthy for you. Producing excessive phlegm will deprive your body of oxygen and may get to other parts of your internal body organs, consequently, manifest other diseases throughout the body.


Constant mucus in throat symptoms:

The results of eating acidic foods that are not complimentary to your body's biological structure produce the mucus. The more you continue to eat that unnatural food, the more mucus your body will produce. Excessive mucus in your lungs will result to mucus in your throat. Throat mucus symptoms are sticky wet slime, which are difficult to get rid of from the back of the throat; throats mucus is usually accompanied by coughing up phlegm after eating.


Some people find temporary relief by gargling salty water in their throats, but a dietary change is needed to stop the body from producing the excessive mucus. If dietary changes are not taken, every time the acidic unnatural foods are consumed, your body will react by producing excessive phlegm after eating. Mucus will overwhelm the lungs and the throat and wherever you find excessive mucus in the body, you will give way for diseases to manifest.



Natural remedies to clear mucus:

  • Changing your diet is the most important thing you can do to help your body from producing excess phlegm and mucus.
  • Boiled a quart of water, add half tsp. lobelia, and let steep. When it is lukewarm, strain it, and drink as much as you can. Stick your finger down your throat so you can vomit to clear your stomach of phlegm and mucus.
  • Take a hot bath, then before finish, briefly make the water cold and run it on you. Go to bed, then have someone give you a hot fomentation to your chest and spine, and completing it with cold--This is to relieve congestion.
  • Go on a 2-7 days juice fast to help your body cleanse and flush out the mucus/phlegm accompany by a nutritious diet of fruit and vegetables.

Natural remedies for phlegm:

  • Drink a lot of fluids: natural spring water, homemade soups, and natural herbal alkaline teas. Drink about 2-3 quarts of liquid a day so the phlegm can gently be expelled.
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and make juices with them.
  • Anise tea and almond milk are good. Make you own almond milk (see natural food guide).
  • Cayenne and lobelia will help break up congestion when swallowed
  • Heat a pan of water or use a humidifier to add moisture in the air.
  • Hot drinks such as teas or warm water help cough out phlegm. Coughing is the best and only way the phlegm can come out.

Herbs for mucus and phlegm relief:

Helpful herbs for phlegm and mucus are chickweed, ginkgo biloba, burdock, lobelia, slippery elm bark, Echinacea, and wild cherry bark. For more herbs, get the nutritional food guide.


Mucus less diet and Mucus relief

  • Avoid during and eating the following to help your body from producing excessive phlegm and mucus.
  • Phlegm after eating bread is due to the processed, dairy, and acidic ingredients such as white flour, eggs, white sugar, or GMO grains.
  • Phlegm after eating sugar is to the highly processed and artificial sweetener has to breakdown and protects itself from.
  • Phlegm after eating yogurt is due to dairy, which produces excessive thick phlegm in the body.
  • Phlegm after eating eggs is due to the excessive mucus it creates in the body; it is difficult for your body to breakdown a fetus, which is what eggs are.
  • Phlegm after eating dairy is due to the thick phlegm and excess mucus dairy products in the body.
  • Stop smoking and get tobacco out of your home
  • Do not use milk, which produces thick phlegm and hinder healing
  • White-flour and white sugar are highly processed acidic foods which increase mucus and phlegm


Mucus and phlegm should be taking seriously because they can foster diseases such as acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, lung congestion, and pneumonia. Follow these tips and guide lines to reduce excessive mucus and phlegm from the body because wherever you find mucus or phlegm in the body, disease will manifest. Get the FREE Dr. Sebi nutritional guide to flush and clean phlegm and mucus from your body.