Dr. Sebi on Carrots and Pineapple

Dr. Sebi carrot, pineapple

Take the carrot: Crisp, juicy, and orange, but until about 300 years ago, carrots looked white. The Dutch selectively crossbred carrots as a tribute to their royal family—the house of orange.


Dr. Sebi said that carrot was a product of genetic engineering. People at any time should not eat carrot because it contains a high level of starch especially African Americans because their genetic structure is so high in carbon. They are a very sensitive people, so whatever that is inconsistent with them will have an adverse effect on them immediately. Starch is extremely bad for African American.


I talk about starch because I watched my grandmother, my mother, and my parents eat a lot of starches, then I looked at the various diseases that they are beset with: the high incidence of diabetes and bad hips. I just recently left where I grew up and I remember a friend of mine by the name of James.


We worked on a ship together when I was a merchant seaman, and we talk of many things and look and behold I have not seen this man in 20 some odd years and I saw him one day. He was always touching his eyes. He was wiping his eyes and I saw his big belly, then I also notice the way he walks and I was very hurt because he and I are the same age. So, I know what starch has done to the black race, to the African genetic structure.


Dr. Sebi Pineapple

Pineapple is on Dr. Sebi's list of hybrids (GMO) food. It is on the "acid side," Dr. Sebi; it has a pH below 7.0 and pineapple bears no seeds. You have to cut the head of the fruit, and then stick it into the soil for it to grow- requiring man's help. Natural foods grow on their own needing no assistance from human said the natural herbalist healer Dr. Sebi.


Pineapple origin is South America, there is little to no details where the domesticated pineapple started. Nonetheless, nature has wanted to get rid of the domesticated pineapple since it was introduced. The pineapple fruit is one of the most diseased. Without man, pineapple doesn't stand a chance. Nature wants to get rid-of it even though man keeps inventing deadly pesticides and herbicides against nature's will from wiping out the pineapple fruit.


Pineapples are prone to a number of diseases such as wilt disease, bacterial heart rot, fungal heart rot, yellow spot virus, and pink disease which changes the color of the fruit either a brownish color or a molded black color before the fruit rotten from bacteria.


Pest is another way of nature saying the pineapple fruit is not natural and doesn't belong by sending insects to get rid of the fruit. The pests that conflict the pineapple fruit are ants, mealy bugs, scales, and mites. This is why without human the hybrid pineapple would have been wiped out a long time ago.


The pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms are humans’ weapons against nature keeping the pineapple fruit because it is a cash commodity. Your health and well-being are not a priority. Thanks to Dr. Sebi for enlighten many of us even after he is gone about how to maintain good health through natural living healthy lifestyle. The way nature intended it to be. The universal healer within us all


Why dr. Sebi warned not to eat the pineapple fruit

The pineapple is an acidic fruit. It contains a variety of acidic chemicals such as Gallic acid, ferulic acid, synaptic acid, transmathexycinnamic acid, isofererulic acid, and many more. Tyrosine and atrazine were linked to homosexuality from a research conducted by prof. Tyron Hayes (atrazine homosexuality).