Dick Gregory power fasting

An Interview with Dick Gregory, he shares his knowledge about the power of fasting.

You don't fast to make bad people good people, fasting creates a positive energy force that other forces can gather. The word fast means to abstain from. So, drinking water, you're on a water diet; it’s not a fast. You drink fruit juices, you are on a fruit juice diet, and it’s not a fast. When you eat nothing like the story of Jesus when he fasted—that’s forty days of just breathing and then everything in the body changes, the universe takes over. That is why I think Jesus was able to communicate to his farther fasting in the desert forty days—the universe took over.


You have done so many fasts; do you think it brings you closer to god?

I am god, you god, God means power –sure you feel powerful.

I never understood why Gandhi got so much credit, he fasted for as little as thirteen days just breathing and then everything in the body changes. The universe takes over.

I thought you had to go for X amount of days taking juices to get ready for a fast. Then when they break their fast, they go right back to the pork chops and nothing happens to us.



What are the benefits of fasting?

Fasting heals and it cleanses, you see once you go on a fast the body starts consuming itself. So, if you take a comb and comb your hair what are the hairs that are going to come out of the comb, the weak ones? So, if you have cancer, when you go on a fast it starts eating all the weak cells. That is how you heal from fasting—that’s what fasting does.


The day you were borne if you just assume when the universe invented this planet it hasn’t been back since. So, if it wasn’t here from day one, then it is safe to assume it wasn’t made by the universe.

There are three causes of Deaf in America: one is heart condition, cancer, and doctors making mistakes.


What got you into fasting?

A woman named Dr. Alvenia Fulton, Probably the number one faster on the planet, a black woman in Chicago.

I've gone on water fast, which took about 180 days; the longest fast on food juices for two and a half years, and the longest I’ve gone on nothing took like three weeks, and then you start seeing things happen, Because you're now in sync with a different level of energy of the universe. So those are very simple ways to tap into that energy—that spiritual power. The more you fast, the more you pick up things and that universal energy of awareness.