Dick Gregory: The Black markets of illegal organ trafficking in the US of African Americans

Dick Gregory, Chicago illegal organ harvesting

According to dick Gregory, The biggest moneymaker right now on the planet is organ harvesting. "Drive by shooting is organ trafficking," said Dick Gregory. Most of the drive-by shooting you read about in Chicago or other low-income neighborhoods in America are done to steal organs of black people.


If you worth $40 million dollars and you need in organ transplant, for example, you need a kidney, which getting a match is not easy. Not only you have to find a match, but a donor that matches your blood type that may likely matches your kidney type, so having the money for the kidney is only half the battle: a match and a willing organ donor is as important. So what are the alternatives, because if one doesn’t get the organ surely death is eminent? Paying top dollars to an organ organization that will guarantee not only an organ but also the right blood type, therefore, a donor that is the right match is absolutely critical.


So how this organ organization is going to find an Organ donor? One way they can is through the DMV or police arrest records; they can purchase that information from the DMV or police departments. On your drivers license if you are an organ donor it will list you as a donor, which I think is placing a target on your head. Same thing with the arrest records, when you get arrested and they swab a stick in your mouth to get your DNA sample, that information is sold by police departments to numerous organizations.

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So if there is a wealthy person who needs an organ transplant, this person went to the proper channels and there is not a match, plus the waiting list does not guarantee a donor. Furthermore, by the time a donor becomes available the person may be already dead, so time of getting the organ is also crucial. That is when the black market organ harvest organizations can be useful because the health care system screws up the organ donation process.


Let say someone needs an organ and go to an underground organ harvest organization, which they are willing to pay top dollars to that organization to find an organ that matches his or her needs. More than likely that organ will come from the databases purchase from the DMV; the police departments record the coroners, or some other form of databases.


For example, a match may state such & such person lives in Chicago from an arrest record or if your driver's license states you are an organ donor, etc., when the organization finds this person who matches the organ needed, keep in mind the organ seeker’s match maybe a healthy person, which is not going to die anytime and certainly is not going to willingly donate his or her organ to someone who needs that they don't even know.

Therefore, a murder has to be arrange that makes it looks like he/she was in a car accident, committed suicide, or he/she was hit by bullet from a drive-by shooting, and the coroners come, they have the law to hold and investigate the body before releasing it. He/ she are in the funeral, your family doesn’t know that before your body got laid to rest, the coroner pulled the organs out. This is what is happening across America and the world—particularly in impoverish communities, the black markets of organ harvesting.


Michele Goodwin who is a law professor and a bioethicist unveil many insights in the matter of the sale of human organs. In her most anticipated book "Black Markets: the supply and demand of body parts," she examined the failure of the American health care system of organ donation process that ended up creating the platform of selling human organs in the black markets.


She explores laws pivoted to give coroners lawful authority to harvest organs, she unveiled tragic stories of people well connected to organ trafficking marketplace, which favors a few aristocrats, and she did a fantastic job of connecting Americas past of medical scandals that victimized African-Americans community’s serving as either donors or seekers of a spot on the coveted transplant waiting lists. Her book “The black Markets: The Supply and Demand of Body Parts” is controversial read. The book is a disturbing read to the truth of stealing black people organs.