Advantages Washing Your Vaginal Infection Water and Apple Cider Vinegar acv

Washing Your Vaginal Infection Water and Apple Cider Vinegar acv

The advantages of washing the vagina with apple cider vinegar for normal alkaline acid PH balance and to be sure the body PH is maintained. Raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the mother unpasteurized, which is naturally gluten free.


(Acv) apple cider vinegar is very good to treat vaginal yeast infection. The best recommended apple cider vinegar to use for vaginal infection is the organic, unfiltered, and raw unpasteurized apple cider.


Drink this apple cider or apply it to the outside exterior of the vagina when it is diluted to make sure there are no imbalances, which can cause yeast infection or uterus tract infection. The ingredients are simple, use 1 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of raw natural organic honey or some sort of natural sweetener, and about half a cup of natural spring water, mix, then drink once daily.


Apply the apple cider vinegar (acv) directly to your vagina to make sure that the PH. level does not go imbalance, add two table spoon of a 4%, 5%, or 7 percent solution mix to bottle of water, and rinse the outside of the vagina two times a day.


Using apple cider vinegar to clean the vagina (acv)

Find an organic apple cider vinegar with the mother. The mother is a piece of apple in the apple cider to naturally fermented during the apple cider vinegar process and which keeps the good bacteria in while it seats on the shelves in the supermarkets.


There are two methods to use apple cider vinegar to clean the vagina. First, you drink the apple cider vinegar (acv) after diluting it. The second method is by applying it on the exterior of the vagina.


Drinking apple cider vinegar (acv) three times a day is great upon arising, mid-morning, and in the middle of the afternoon.

  • Take one to two tsps. Of organic apple cider vinegar in an 8oz glass of natural spring water and sweetening it with natural sweeteners such as honey or agave nectar, etc.
  • The second option is to apply the diluted apple cider vinegar to the outer exterior of the vagina by pouring and letting it run down to clean the inside of the vagina; it will take out the bad bacteria and replace them with good bacteria (probiotics), and it will level the PH balance of the vagina. So, 1 to 2 tsps. Of apple cider vinegar to 8oz of water mix, then pour on the exterior of the vagina, then let the connected strands-like chains of protein enzyme molecules work their magic.


Other health benefits of Apple cider vinegar (acv)

Apple cider vinegar has been getting a lot of buzz for cleansing and detoxing the woman vagina. What are other benefits and value does apple cider vinegar has.

  • apple cider vinegar lowers high blood pressure
  • Apple cider vinegar can help whitening teeth
  • Apple cider vinegar helps treating bath breath
  • Apple cider vinegar improves energy
  • Apple cider vinegar helps clear and prevent acne
  • Apple cider vinegar helps prevent hair loss
  • Apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss
  • Apple cider vinegar help clear mucus
  • Apple cider vinegar helps with digestion
  • Apple cider vinegar may help lower cholesterol


Apple cider vinegar (acv) cleanses and detoxifies the body, and helps to regulate the acid alkaline PH balance in the body. (Acv) apple cider vinegar is good for all types of vaginal infection. For example, yeast infection, vaginal discharge, and bacterial vaginitis.


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