7 unique ways how to eat clean from the nutritional guide Dr. Sebi diet food list: Fruits and veggies more matters

 Dr. Sebi diet food list: Fruits and veggies more matters

How to eat clean from the nutritional guide:

 this is a daily meal structured plan from dr. Sebi nutritional food guide. The structure of building habit of when to eat the fresh fruits, more veggies, grains, and nuts that the great healer taught--fruits and veggies more matters.


So, I got the food guide, check; I have been watching the YouTube videos, check; I have been acquiring knowledge on the subject of natural living the past few months, and I read a few books relating to Holistic living, but my main thing here is natural living healthy lifestyle. My passion is living as naturally as possible. Therefore, I feel my first major step should be with myself and what I eat. I got the Dr. Sebi nutritional guide here and the way I go about implementing the electric alkaline foods list is as follows. One last point, if you have not heard about the nutritional guide before; it is an extensive list of organic alkaline foods that grow naturally throughout nature; they are none GMO foods, and are rich in natural minerals. The foods are electrical, which complements our body because the body is electrical. Last, the foods complement our body biological structure because they have what dr. Sebi referred to as being "chemical infinity."


Nutritional guide healthy eating morning meals:


The natural food list suggested that we drink about a gallon of water daily to benefit our body mineral balance. Drinking that much water enables the body to flush out phlegm, mucus, toxins, and other harmful chemicals. The food guide suggests that we drink natural spring water. I have no problem with drinking natural spring water, it's only natural since I want to live a natural lifestyle, and spring water comes from under the ground from the earth extruding many minerals on its way to the surface. We all know that you find minerals  in the earth's soil deep underground, so I am cool with drinking natural spring water.


Natural Spring Water


I drink the spring water early in the morning first thing when I wake up; it is the first fluid or food to go into my body each morning. Water awaken the glands and organs in the body and it sets them off to their natural rhythmic earthly time cycles. As you may know, the body functions on rhythm. 


Natural living meals upon waking up in the morning:


    spring water

    Alkaline herbal teas

    Or a glass of plain warm water, or in the form of herbal tea


Difference in fruits and vegetables:


for breakfast I eat the natural organic alkaline fruits from Dr. Sebi nutritional food guide. I learned from reading Dr. Africa's book "African Holistic health," about my body's circadian rhythm, which implies that the function in rhythm of my body: meaning there is a specific time every cell and organ functions different task in my body.  For example, there is a time to eat, a time for digestion, a time for cleansing, and a time for assimilation.


The difference between fruits and vegetables is that fruits help with flushing and cleansing of the body; vegetables help with building and regenerating cells and tissues of the body. Both fruits and vegetables do play both role cleansing and regenerating cells, but a balance diet will enable one or the other to flourish in doing predominantly one of the tasks extremely well than the other. So, fruits help with flushing and cleansing out waste materials from my body. Vegetables help with balancing of minerals, melanin, carbon, and chlorophyll.


When to eat fresh fruits


My body cleanses waste and flush out toxins and other bad stuff from 3am, throughout the early mornings and up to 12 noon. That is why I urinate and expel more phlegm and mucus during those time. To help my body flushes out my system, it makes sense to eat liquid, easily digestible foods during those hours. Fruits are easily digestible; they naturally help to cleanse the body, and because they use less energy for the body to assimilate, they in turn give me more energy than they utilized. This is the reason I use the alkaline fruits from Dr. Sebi nutritional guide because they play an important role of expelling mucus, phlegm, and waste materials from my body. The fruits also are nourishing my cells because their molecular structure complement my body, which is a healthy reward for my well-being. 


When to eat vegetables:


morning to noon, the body cleanses. To help my body flushes out toxins and waste, I eat foods that are easy to digest: preferably fruits, water, or warm alkaline herbal teas. I eat fresh vegetable for lunch. And this is how I balance my clean eating. After flushing the body of phlegm and mucus, I want to put the good stuff in me: chlorophyll, carbon, rich melanin foods, and foods that are rich in minerals. I know fresh vegetables will provide my body the best natural nutrients it needs.