Yoni Egg Exercises For Womb Wellness

Yoni egg is a carved crystal, which women can use for internal transformation. You insert the egg into your vagina and it transforms you on a cellular energetic level and put that focused and conscious attention to your wombuniverse.

Using a crystal egg is a very intuitive process, but what you truly have to do is trust yourself, which is the name of the game. Trusting yourselves and do what you feel is right for you.


So you've gotten your crystal; you cleanse it physically; you cleanse it energetically, and you programmed your intention into it, so now you're ready to begin your practice. Some people don't even insert the eggs. Some people just use the yoni egg externally—maybe on a chakra point. Some women will just meditate with the egg placed on the womb center and that will impart that effect anyway—just as wearing the crystal or a crystal piece of jewelry will also impact your auric field, so having the egg even just close to your body will have an impact.


After you've cleaned your crystal both physically and energetically, then you want to set your intention for what you would like to accomplish. For example, if you really want to come to know love and accept yourself so that you know who you are and you are able to attract people who are for the greater good into your life through this practice. This is just one example of setting your intentions with crystal, a quick reminder the reason why quartz crystal is used in radios and watches and other electromagnetic devices because it can hold a charge.

Yoni egg benefits:

Crystal yoni egg can be programmed to work with you more efficiently. Crystals yoni egg are tools that we can use to bring out whatever that is which is already within us and at our core state we are already perfect and we all already balanced and we are whole because we are already connected to source, so we are everything that we need and that we want. We have that within us, but through daily routines and just life itself we forget who we are. We disconnect ourselves from that inherent source of power that is within us all.

Yoni Egg Exercises:

When you insert the yoni egg. You would want to insert it with the wide end going in first, perhaps you could use some coconut oil just to nose lube it up so it's a easier insertion. You would want to be in a meditative space and relax yourself. Maintain an open mind and be open to it if you're just starting out. You can just put it in there and just sit for a moment. You’ll get used to the sensation of it being in you and over time your experience of the yoni egg will shift and change. You may find it no longer feels weird, but different: some women can't feel the egg inside them at all, for others the egg falls out easily, some women keep it in for 20 minute to meditate, and some women keep it in for a long time. Some women use two eggs. I've had two eggs in me for a very long period of time: I had one bloodstone yoni in me for over three weeks. Some people can go to the bathroom with it and some people cannot it depends on your muscles, and the types of crystal egg. Listen to your intuition, when it comes to yoni egg do what you feel is right, there is no one right way to do it because essentially you are sitting with a crystal in your pussy, so put the crystal yoni egg in there, see where it takes you, be open, focus your attention, be mindful of your actives, and it will really work…


Credit to Age of Eleven www.ageofeleven.com/yonieggs