Yeast Infection: what yoni infection means spiritually

Yeast infection

What is the spiritual meaning of yeast or yoni infection and how to get rid of it.


When something is wrong emotionally, mentally, or spiritually within my body, it will be reflected physically. One way it is reflected is through yeast infection. Yeast infection symptoms are itching in the vaginal area or itching outside the vaginal area, vaginal discharge, heavy clouding maybe during your cycle, feeling upset or emotionally irritated. Lots of women are afflicted by this everyday single day, most of which will go to a doctor and they will be prescribe some form of over the counter drug. Women who are conscious even go to a health food store to get something concerning yeast infection to build up the good bacteria.


Either ways, these women are going outside of themselves to find a remedy for what they think is physical, but in actuality it is not. It is deeper than just physical, it is spiritual and emotional. Just like a sad person may take drugs or drink alcohols to mask whatever it is they may be going through. Drugs over the counter do the same for yeast infection; they numb the yeast infection and not really dealing with the real problem.


What are some of the problem?


Being with a partner who is not ideal for you-- maybe this person does not want to commit.


You are in a relationship that does not uplift you. A relationship you are not suppose to be in.


Your spirit is out if balance: what situation in your life that you are not happy with?


What other ways for your body to tell you that you are out of balance than to give you a yeast infection.


Think about a yeast infection --one thing that will tell that you certainly have the yeast infection is tremendous irritation.


The question you need to ask yourself is what is irritating me? What situation in your life you are not happy with?


Most women only get a yeast infection once, but other women get it over and over again. I think the remedies from the drug store only numbs the situation like when a person drinks or on drugs to mask the deeper situation. We want to numb or mask the symptoms because we are doing likewise to the real problem. For example, whether it is a relationship your are in and you are not happy with. You know that it is not good for you because you start to feel down. You feel terrible even though you may show a happy face to your friends and family.


What do you think happens to your liver, kidney, and your hormones that balance your whole being when you are in a state of distress or irritated? You get sick. You produce and expels toxins within your body, then sickness soon follows. As you may already know, where ever there is a hole-an outlet in the body like the anus, the vagina, the eyes, nose, ears, or skin, your will body will start to cleanse itself through these portals as a first options. It is common that yeast infection is associated with vaginal discharge.