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This web page about natural food for weight loss 

You can make intermittent fasting diet and prayer a cycle of renewal for your body, mind, and spirit.  Fasting is a cleansing diet; it is a time to rest your mental, physical, and spiritual faculti

Intestinal parasites in humans are deadly.

Weight loss that doesn't last long. Diet that comes and goes with little change  or weight loss success.

Fast safely by eating for health, lose weight and heal your body, the complete intermittent fasting guide.

 Free Nutritional food guide, The best Dr. Sebi food list to promote healthy clean eating habit.

Weight gain eating fatty healthy food, eat high calorie natural food to increase weight safely and avoid eating degenerative unhealthy foods.

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So many people have questions about body types: how they should they eat for their body type, how they should train for their body type, an