Bad food

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GMO chicken

Men designing GMO chicken to exploit their own gain, meet a new kind of GMO chicken,

Dr. Sebi carrots

Dr. Sebi, carrots is the product of genetic engineering. Carrots have a high concentration of starch that is dangerous to health.

Mountain dew ingredients, genetically engineered additives, preservatives you are drinking in your Mountain Dew soft drink soda

 What are you drinking in your Mountain Dew soft drink soda, could it be genetically engineered additives, preservatives, and genetically engineered?

How to read the label of your Quaker instant oatmeal reveals how much additive you are eating

Cancer Risk Food Containing Pesticide, Herbicide, And Chemically Contaminated by the National Academy of Sciences

dr sebi pineapple, natural living healthy lifestyle, melanin black people

Pineapple is on Dr. Sebi's list of hybrid (GMO) food. It is on the "acid side," Dr. Sebi; it has a pH below 7.0 and pineapple bears no seeds.

dr sebi beets, beet health benefits, beets effects

Dr. Sebi said all sugar beets are GMO. It is said that beet is good for the blood, cleanse the kidney, and have vitamins C and A. Dr.

Food label Additive, pesticide, preservation, food additive, food preservative

The following food label additives are considered to be questionable safety. You should look for food label containing these additives and avoid buying them.

Caffeine health effects, too much caffeine, what is caffeine

What is caffeine?
Here are over 18 potentially health reasons not to consume too much  caffeine. Kowning how caffeine can cause you serious health problems should motivate some dietary  modifications  in its consumption.