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My name is Walky. I am a physicist and an accomplished cellist. In 1983 I presented a talk at the school of medicine of the university of Port Au Prince, where I used to teach.

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Day 6 has been surreal.  After all that chaos, I felt more at peace, stronger for sticking to my goal of fasting for 7 days, and overall satisfied with my decision to stick it out.  Yet the craving came---it came differently: softer, gentler.  So kind, that I almost mistook it for 'authentic hunger,' but it was still a craving.

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<p>Trevor Smith was diagnosed with cancer and given 18 months to live.

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Occasional cravings, thoughts of quitting, typical fasting-for-the-first-time behavior.  Day 5, however, was my hardest day, or so I thought.  There was something I left out of my fasting journey...I've had a fasting partner.  My day five was my partner's day 7, and my partner decided to end his fast on my day 5...

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After the first whole day of fasting, and the day you do not give in to your cravings---this fasting thing gets blurry.

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Today was my second full day of juice fasting ever in life.  I actually completed one day!  I am so impressed, I have never completed one day in the past (granted I tried water fasting).

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Be your own inspiration! Boost your alkalinity! Life is way too short

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This is my natural health journey and transformation after one month of eating and living a natural alkaline life.

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Could you create one for those on the opposite side of the spectrum? For those women who would like to build? Thank you in advance.