Schizophrenia Linked To Meat Protein: Mental Illnesses

They found in schizophrenics certain protein fractions that are digested meat proteins and these fractions take a strange form; they are like a spiral formed, then at the normal breakdown product of the digestive process, the body can’t excrete them properly. So they accumulate in the blood and when this particular blood hits the brain with that particular protein fraction in it, then you get the schizophrenic symptoms. This irritates the nerve tissues and you get these peculiar changes of perception. They have taken those protein fractions and distill them out and injected them into healthy volunteers. What happens, they get sick—schizophrenic symptoms. The healthy volunteers, after 5-6 hours becomes healthy again because their body is able to break down this meat protein fraction, get rid of it, and they’re fine again. But the phrenic whose body cannot excrete meat protein fractions have that problem because they cannot digest animal proteins.


So what do you do at all these so-called sanitary state hospitals where they treat mental diseases and are required by law to give three protein meals a day? The doctors tell you protein, protein, and more garbage protein. The proteins they recommend are usually meat, cheese, chicken, and eggs. Dead stuff, meat, fish, and chicken are dead meat. Fish is dead flesh, but I have to give dead fish another name because people do eat it and fish is relatively less damaging than meat and chicken. But nowadays almost all fish is very high in mercury and that’s not exactly the best thing in the world to eat. Mercury poisons the brain. Meats poison the whole body, then you surprised why mental diseases and depression are horrendously high.


Levels of prescription drugs for so-called depression, medical depression is what they called it, and because it’s medical, you have to have drugs. Nobody would think of just eating right, detoxifying the body, and making sure the body works properly—that’s all it takes.


Many years ago in Europe, there was the international herald tribune, which was connected with the New York Times. There was an article in their 30 years ago about research done on schizophrenia. It stated that Schizophrenia is a mental disease and that no way it is a physical disease.


The researchers at that point found that people with schizophrenia have fully digested intermediates, not digested to the end product of meat proteins.


In other words, meat, fish, and chicken—animal proteins, they have poorly digested materials in their system; they also found out its not only in the bloodstream it’s also in the urine, then the same research has concentrated these intermediate products that the body was not able to digest to the end product. They concentrated them and injected them into healthy volunteers and they developed schizophrenia symptoms. But the healthy volunteers have a healthy digestive system, they have enough pancreatic enzymes to digest these intermediates to the end product and when that’s done, the bodies a few hours later, they were normal again.

So, they had the proof that it’s a protein digestion that all the lack of proper digestion that was causing the schizophrenia.


What do all of the so-called state hospitals required by law? Three protein meals a day and lots of drugs, this is not the way to treat the human body. They already know what’s wrong.


A patient went to a natural health practitioner because her doctor said to her that she was very toxic, so she said ok doctor what do I do about it. The doctor said, " I don't know." that was one of the two contributions my great grand father to medicine and to healing. First, understanding toxicity and most importantly, to teach and tell people how to get rid of it. When the body releases these toxins where do they go--into the bloodstream, then the liver filters them out. Many people are told the liver is a filter, yes it is, but it has probably hundreds of other functions. Please don’t talk of the liver as a filter only; it has many other functions. But anyway, so the liver filters out the toxins that the body, then releases. And if you don’t do anything about it, the doctors don’t know, the liver gets more damage than it was before: it gets more toxic than it was. You can’t do that. You have to help the liver release the toxins. Cleanses, flushes, detoxification and the alkhalife natural food guide and natural herbs to cleanse the body. You think people doing these things get well of schizophrenia, yes.


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