Egg Donation: how much money egg donors get paid

Today I'm going to be writing about egg donation. This is a topic that I've been asked about so many times because this is a huge requested article and so many of us young women are struggling with paying for college, paying bills, and pretty much I paid off all of my bills with the money that I received from my egg donations, so it has definitely helped me out. In the process, I've helped a lot of couples to conceive children, which is amazing and really just makes me feel good about the experience at the end of the day. So in order to condense this article and make it shorter, I decided to split it up into the most frequently asked questions that I get about female egg donation. So let us start.

Egg donation process

This is a very important question that you have to answer yourself using your best judgment before you start your egg donation process. You have to ask yourself am I willing to go through a three to four weeks process which involves intense hormones that may have negative side effects on my body; Not a lot of people are okay with the idea that they might have their DNA running around somewhere out there in the world. But if you can disconnect yourself from that and understand that it's not really your child is just your DNA you have donated to somebody to use, and they are going to raise that child from birth till they grow up. You can't be so emotionally attached to the idea that it's your child because it's obviously not.


Egg donor requirements

You have to be between the age of 21 and I think the max age you have to be is 32. Some places may allow younger women to donate their egg, but I don't think that an 18-year-old woman is mature enough and ready to be doing egg donation. I think you should wait until you are 21. Wait until you know exactly what you want to do and you're not making any rash decisions at 18 years of age because one day you're going to have to live with the fact that you made the decision to donate your eggs.