Black Hair Care Info: Zinc

Food for natural hair such as the mineral zinc, rich iron foods, and copper rich foods are among the best fruits and vegetables that are excellent for growing beautiful strong long hair. The alkaline nutritional guide from Dr. Sebi is the top food list for growing natural hair.


Dr. Sebi inconsistent diet: foods that cause degenerative diseases alkha Mon, 06/12/2017 - 11:27

An inconsistent diet is eating foods that are not complementary to one’s diet or biological cellular molecular structure. In order words you cannot eat everyone else's food.

Child bonding through breast feeding

When enough breastfeeding is not sufficient, child bonding through breast milk can prevent a violent child and psychological behaviors. Studies have shown children who were breast fed are less likely to develop violent behaviors and are less likely to suffer from psychological issues.

How to know your organ time cycle

Organ clock and time cycles tells you which time each of your bodily organs function so you can better assist them for optimum cleansing. Learn to work with your body’s biological clock instead of against it, the organ time cycle.