How Your Body Eliminates waste

Your body is always producing wastes. Therefore, it is always working hard and spends much of its time eliminating wastes when it should be doing other things. The body tries to get rid of them all but it also needs your help.

Healing, Rituals, and community

Healing, Rituals, and community, the Indigenous African concept of world anchors around the understanding of healing, ritual, and community.

Aniseeds good for sperm boost and libido drives

Are aniseeds good for sperm boost? People want to know if aniseeds can be used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido drive. We go on to find out aniseed benefits. Are there evidence that aniseeds is an aphrodisiac, if so, does aniseed good for boosting sperm count and even help with libido drive.

Why is almond good for penis blood flow?

Why so many people are asking if almond is good for penis blood circulation. The same way of saying can eating almonds help with erectile dysfunction?

How to do a whole body cleansing

The body is always trying to cleanse itself through these various apparatus whenever it is dis-ease, the nostrils, skin, and scalp, usually through the kidney, the liver, urine, and the bale movement.

Dr. sebi talks about herpes

What causes herpes, cold sores, fever blisters, and herpes simplex type one? They all fall in the same category. Herpes dating websites is on the rise.

How to remove parasites from your body

Cleansing is getting rid of impurities that were deposited into the body through food, pollution, alcohol, synthetic chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, preservative, and so forth.