My Sunless Tanning Lotion loving Tan Routine

sunless tanning

Step-by-step sunless tanning routine, I am going to show you exactly how to achieve a natural blended smooth looking tan, so let's get started. There are three steps you are going to want to do before you self-tan: a shower, shave, and exfoliate.  A loofah when washing your body in the shower because it will help to gently exfoliate; shaving also acts as an exfoliator, but more importantly, it's going to remove any hair that you have so the sunless tanner is not going to stick to every single little hair particle, and you won’t have little tiny dots all over your legs from each individual hair.


 Use a turbinado sugar to exfoliate your entire body.  If you are going to use sugar, I recommend the turbinado sugar because it is the best for exploiting your body. I love it because I don't have to go out and spend a lot of money on an exfoliator and it works well.  You can use the turbinado sugar on your entire body including your face because it doesn't give you any sensitivities and it works. When you are done applying the turbinado sugar you can move on. Do not moisturize in between showering and sunless tanning, which is very important. So with dry skin you are going to use this product “loving tan to hour expressed in the shade dark”.  I've read about this; I absolutely love it because you only leave it on for two hours, and it looks so natural and it's easy to blend.


 Then, you are going to use a morphe synthetic hair brush or something similar. The morphe is going to be your lifesaver when it comes to blending and sunless tan. You can start with your face. I do not recommend always using any stylist.  Test it out on your face to see if it works and if you have a reaction to it; loving tan does not give me any sensitivity, it doesn't break me out, and it works beautifully on my skin.  I trust it after I've tested it out.  You are  going to blend it all around your face and I always do my upper lip and my eye area last because I don't want those to pick up too much pigment otherwise it can look messy.


As a little trick, you can use any sort of body lotion or body butter, this is the blissful body butter, which is my favorite. You are going to apply the body lotion all over your entire hands including your wrists both front and back, the heels of your feet, your entire foot, your ankles; your kneecaps, and your elbows. The body lotion is going to help the blending process so you won't have blotchy hands because you can easily get sometimes.


Using a sunless tanning mitt applicator and just start blending, when you get to the wrist you can pull out your brush to make it much easier to blend that area.  I love the loving tan because if it looks blotchy as you're applying; it won't look blotchy when you shower off, so you don't have to worry about making it looks perfect. You can just blend it as good as you can and if you still have some blotchiness it's fine because when you shower it will all look good.


 I use a synthetic brush to do my neck and my chest. I know from experience that it ends up looking so much better in the end as opposed to doing my neck or chest with the mitt. To do your legs, take your body butter and just rub it all over your entire foot: focusing on your ankles because that's such a difficult place to blend sunless tanner and have it not looking blotchy. I will use about three to four pumps and put it directly on the mitt, then begin to massage it on the entire leg starting at my calf and going all the way upward and down towards the ankle. Once I have reached the ankle and the foot area, I will take a half a pump and put it directly on my brush, then begin to blend.  putting that body butter lotion their first is going to help the process because it acts like a barrier and just helps everything blend easier as opposed to dry skin. It picks up all of the pigment when you put lotion.

 Now that I am so much darker, I am are going to go chill and watch a movie to wait for this to tan develops for about 2 hours. The sunless tan looks its best in about 1 to 2 hours.