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Atrazine is one of the largest selling pesticide chemical in the world. Atrazine is used for farming in over 80 countries.


How to do a liver flush, detox, or cleanse

Foods you should never eat  GMO, Animals, Gene splice, and crossed bred foods you need to know to not eaten. They are fruits, vegetables, animals, genetically modified grains.

  NATURAL REMEDIES AND HERBS FOR PANCREATITIS... There are many herbs to increase the flows of parts juice needed for helping digestion. These herbs will strengthen the pancreas.

electric banana health booster:

The benefits of eating the original natural baby bananas in your diet.
Blood pressure

What is cosmic food arrangement?

What is grounding?

Grounding  is reconnecting to the earth’s natural healing energy. The earth’s surface naturally contain abundant, limitless healing energy. Human beings evolved in connection with the earth’s rhythm and energy.

Have you thought about your drinking water this way: Best drinking water, water, why drink water, drink water, How Much Water Should You Drink Daily?