Increase Minerals and Oxygen in your Body

The human body is made of minerals in the form of flesh, blood, and bones, etc., there are over 102 different minerals found in the earth's soil as well as the human body. My body, your body, or our body is made of mineral stuff.


#1 Increase Minerals

With a third grade education anyone can be healthy if he/she knows where and what role minerals play within his/her self. For example, my heart is arsenic; I would eat asparagus if I had heart issues. My blood is ion; I would cleanse the blood with burdock root to keep my blood free of acidic waste and I would eat rich ion food, such as hazel nut, dandelion greens, and amaranth greens and so on.


#2 Increase Oxygen in your Body

My bone is calcium; I would eat calcium rich foods, such as almonds, turnip, kale, and mushrooms-all types, except shiitake. The brain is carbon and copper; it produces electricity for my body therefore, it is electrical. You feed an electrical brain electrical food; foods that are electrical grow naturally in the forest and they all have seeds. Their molecular structures are complete, for example, figs, dates, sour sop, small banana, mango, coconut, and many more. These foods are mineral bound and they will complement and nourish the body because they have chemical infinity.


They are not gene splicing, hybrid or GMOs which acts like free radicals once they are consumed in the body. So all the nonsense about vitamins this, vitamins that, and vitamins B this is confusing to many people. The body was not made up of vitamins; it was made up of 102 or more minerals. Feed an electrical body electrical food.


The queen of England makes 187 million dollars every 24 hours of interests on her money. Yet, her lungs take in the same amount of air as my and your lungs do. One of the most important thing in the universe is oxygen, the universal creator gave us oxygen in abundant and it is free. But, you can deprive yourself of oxygen by eating foods that produce mucus, and consequently, filling your lungs with mucus and blocking oxygen from getting through allowing disease manifestations.


#3 Foods that causes mucus

Undigested protein, dairy, processed food, junk foods, etc.

Stop eating those oxygen deprived food, then cleanse your lungs for a week with natural herbs, you can get the nutritional guide to know these herbs. Within a week the mucus will start to clear out your lungs. You will notice your breathing is better and that is the way it should be. You will feel good and healthy. Until then, you are what you eat, drink and think.


I want to know about what you are doing to better your health. Even the slightest thing is a start?