How to Remove Parasites from Your Body

Intestinal parasites

Intestinal parasites in humans are deadly. How to get rid of parasite that was deposited into the body through food, pollution, alcohol, synthetic chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, preservatives, and so forth. Parasites in humans are things the body cannot get rid of on its own, therefore, it needs natural cleansing herbs which produce the chemicals that can eliminates them out of your system. There are many herbs that will get rid of stomach parasites, but without adequate knowledge on natural alkaline herbs and hybrid herbs you may end not cleansing your body.  In fact, you can damage your organs through misinformation and not even be aware of it. Especially if you prolong the use of a hybrid herb.  Here are some tips and alkaline herbs to do a parasite detox:

#1 When should you do a parasite cleanse?

The best breakfast in the morning is a cup of warm water or a cup of natural tea. If you drink a cup of warm tea each morning, you do not have to do the above asked question. If you do not drink a cup of warm water or tea each morning, then you should cleanse for 3-7 days  or more every three months or so. 

#2 Herbs for Intestinal parasites cleansing

Always use alkaline herbs to cleanse your body, there is a lot of information online about cleansing herbs, but most of them are advising people to use hybrid herbs---check out the African bio nutrition list for recommended alkaline herbs.

#3 Herbs to cleanse out parasites in humans:

Dandelion root or leaves: for the liver and kidney, bladder, intestine (both large and small intestine), removes gall bladder stones and liver stones

Burdock root: cleanses the blood 

Yellow dock: blood cleanser


Red clover: cleanses intestinal bacteria

Red raspberry leaf: great for woman's overall health (very alkaline).

Blue vervain: they called this herb the silent doctor, it cleanses and promote the entire body's overall health (excellent for removing parasites if you eat meat).

#4 Water for parasites cleanse

Drink half to a gallon of natural spring water per day. You can do this throughout your day. I usually wait an hour after I had my alkaline tea before I start drinking my spring water. Divide your weight by two and drink the number in ounces of water daily. For more on parasites and worms in humans read here


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