How Overdose THC hybrid marijuana is different from natural weed

Overdose THC hybrid marijuana is different from natural weed

Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in America.  Marijuana is a natural plant; it has many natural healings benefits. Marijuana is good for glaucoma, relaxation, common cold, and asthma. The herb is used to heal many nations, communities, families and cultures. But that is not all, there is a bad side about marijuana.


Most people do not distinguish the natural marijuana plant from the hybrid marijuana plant. There is a difference,  that difference is having a bad image for the natural marijuana plant, which is more useful today than the it ever was-having the curative benefits so many new diseases. For example, Parkinson's disease, cancers, cognitive or psychological diseases and the list goes on.


Why marijuana is getting a bad rap?

An average natural marijuana stick contained ten mg THC vs. today's hybrid marijuana stick which is over 150 mg THC. That is a lot of THC on the brain, which is not a good thing. THC interferes with normal brain waves and depresses electrical activity of the frontal cortex, which is a person's character and morality.


 The THC in hybrid marijuana is so high that it damages newly formed memory. It's not healthy for our bodies to handle this high level of THC passing through the lungs, the blood, then into our brain.


Some THC can stay in the brain for a whole week because the brain cannot break THC down fast enough, which dumps fecal waste into the blood, and gets deposit throughout the body and decreasing oxygenation going to the brain. THC deposits tar and toxins in the lungs and other bodily organs.


Hybrid marijuana harmful effects in the body:

 Studies have shown that high level of THC reduces the ability to focus, learning, concentration, and cognition. Marijuana is common amongst people who are anti-social and people with behavioral problems, such as likely criminals.  Women are more likely to commit suicide and commit de-moralizing behaviors because of hybrid marijuana. Hybrid Marijuana users are increasing of psychosis reaction. Schizophrenia and psychiatric is on the rise amongst heavy hybrid marijuana users. 


According to a CNN report "one hundred and 80 people were sent to the emergency hospital for hybrid marijuana overdose in the month of April-May, 2016." Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, wrote in his book African holistic health. "Synthetic marijuana is a non-food which destroys the oxygen of the blood, produces poor quality of sperm and does what all other synthetic drugs do-deteriorate the body". He did not mentioned natural marijuana specifically, so a lot of people are not sure if he meant marijuana as whole or only synthetic marijuana. 


We now know, there is a difference among natural and hybrid weed marijuana; it’s a big difference. The THC is significantly different- from ten mg-natural marijuana stick to 150 mg-hybrid marijuana stick. However, the natural marijuana has some curative importance. The plant when boiled is good for lung disease, asthma, common cold, and glaucoma. The famous well known healer, Dr. Sebi had vouched for the healing properties of the natural marijuana plant. He used the plant to treat asthma, arthritis, and bronchitis. There was not a bad thing you could tell him about the natural plant ability. He often said the plant was from God and he should have the right to smoke it for since he pleases- yeah dr Sebi smoked. This man was no fool; dr Sebi cured many diseases including AIDS. He was well respected and well known. People revered him. Dr. Sebi disapproved hybrid marijuana, yet he smoked the natural marijuana plant. 


There is a difference among natural marijuana and hybrid marijuana plant. One was crafted by man to have certain characteristics-high THC. The other was crafted by nature to have certain characteristics- curative benefits. It happens to be that nature also crafted us. It's not surprising the natural marijuana plant molecular structure compliments our own. While new hybrid marijuana plants continue to rise in THC. Does smokes hybrid weed have become immune to high THC level; stronger dosage is valued by them. This new appetite for more THC is now the norm. There is even rumors marijuana is being exploited as a control substance (food control). 


We demand separate research studies for the hybrid and the natural marijuana plant. No more studies that state for example:

"Marijuana directly weakens the liver, lungs, brain, eyes, sex organ, low sperm count, alters internal organs rhythm." We want to know which marijuana plant the research was conducted on and we want separate research findings-for the natural and for the hybrid marijuana weed plant.