How to Fast Safely to remove mucus, toxins, and loss weight

Fasting, toxins, mucus, weightloss

What is fasting

How to fast safely is the subject before us at this moment. Before we go into that, let us learn what fasting is in order for a much richer understanding of that concept. Fasting is abstinence from food totally or partially for a duration of time and for reasons, which maybe religious, ritualistic, health or any other self inclination.

"The best juices are fresh juices made from your blender out of fresh fruits and vegetables, not from canned or frozen foods," Dr. Alvenia Fulton

Before you fast

#1. I consider two phases of fasting to get a good scientific cleansing, healing, and correcting the body's normal structure. You have to give your body a cleansing for at least five days with natural cleansing herbs before you a begin a fast of any form.

#2. You do not fast if you are hungry. The hunger must leave, then you fast. You get the right herbs, fruits, and herbs to eat and to do the cleansing. the hunger will leave in three to five days. When you are no longer hungry first through cleansing the body with natural herbs, you can begin your fast. You should never fast hungry because you will eat when the body is hungry and if you want to eat, you should eat.

Why should you fast

If you want to know how to correct your body from aches and pains, fasting will  correct your body and keep you younger. The best method of fasting is cleansing the body till there is no hunger. When there is no hunger, you can fast as long as you want. Fast until the appetite comes back because it will leave. The tongue will get white and spongy; fast until the tongue gets red again, and fast until your breath and your body becomes sweet--it will do that. The body will make its own odor from the cleansing; from the moving all the toxic wastes from the body.

What fasting will do

You will look younger, feel younger, rejuvenate your skin, and revitalize your hair or nails fasting will do all these things to your body. If you fast you will keep your body flexible, full of energy, and spark with vitality. That's what we all want and nothing will do that better than cleansing and fasting. Nothing will do a better job to heal, build, and relieve your body from the waste and toxins like fasting (juice, vegetable, or water fasting).

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What about Water fasting

Water fasting is better because it will cleanse the body of the toxic wastes, heal the body of the old dead cells that have been there a long time. The best way to do that is if you give the body a cleansing, then  water fast. When you fast you will find that your skin becoming resonance and youthful and beautiful. You hair, your eyes, and every gland in your body respond to fasting. That what they all needs, the cleansing from fasting. If you are fasting, your friends or people you know may say you are killing your self. But don't listen to them, even during the Bible days people used to fast for 21 , 30 or 40 days and nobody die from fasting. The prophets Jesus and the women of the Bible fasted and nobody died from that. Queen ester fasted and saved the children of Israel from extinction. Fasting is a way of life.

How to prepare for fasting

Your fasting should start with cleansing. You use different natural herbs for 3 to 5 days before  you begin your fast, whether it's a juice, vegetable or a water fast. Ok, take some herbs first to move some of the toxin and wastes out of the body. Most people have wastes that's been in them since they were potty train, so the herbs are very important before during any kind of fast.

To give an example, the first time I went on a fast; on the 21st day I couldn't get out of bed fast enough to get to the bathroom because I had so much wastes that needed to come out of me. I was glad because the thing that keeps us alive is cleansing and getting the waste and toxins out of the body.

How long should you fast

After the cleansing of the body with herbs, fast for 21 or 30 days if you until you no longer get the Coathy tongue, you no longer feel tired, weak or nervous, and when that youthful growth comes back to you. People around you will ask you what are you doing, you look younger. then break the fast and do it again, if you cleanse the body and fast right, you won't need to take no medication to do what you want to do. Male or female you'll keep you sex drive functioning good and your hormones will function if you cleanse and fast.

Fast to cleanse toxins

You will realize that food is not the thing that keeps you alive. What keeps you alive is the cleansing of the body getting rid of waste and toxins. If we eat what nature provided for us to eat and we fast to cleanse our bodies when we suppose to your emotions, your thoughts, and your whole body will change.

Our grandfathers did not have the prostate glands young men are having today. Our grandmothers did lose their youthful factor the way they are losing their health today. My mother's mother had twins at 48-- this is unheard of today and we supposed to be more advanced in all medical discoveries. What I'm saying is that if we eat regard how nature intended for us to eat. We will stay healthy, live longer and the aches or pain associated poor health will be no more. I'm going to say it again. If we fast to cleanse our body and feed it right good health will triumph.

How do you break a fast

You break a fast like you

begin the fast. You break a fast by going on fruit juice, but you heat it up or warm it to break some of the enzyme action of it. You take the juice and drink it for 5 days. You will have energy that you won't know what to do with. You will not have hunger. But if you go on a fast for a few days, then you go have you a steak dinner; you will get sick.

The food will make you sick. So stop eating the bad foods that are causing all kinds of aches and pains. You did not come here to live a short life. Remember there are so many ways to fast. The aim is to learn how to fast in one of the correct ways. Some ways are better or some may be less better, but the aim is still the same: choosing a fast The is right and will work for you.