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Instinctive eating

Nutritional requirements should never be the same for two different people on a given day. Their requirement for some particular nutrient or other minerals on a given day or a given period does not support the "minimum Daily Requirement" concept. 

We did not have a nutritionist eons ago when the universal creator created us. We did not know much about daily nutritional values 70 thousand years ago. We did not have the luxury or live within a powerful empire that could import natural foods around the world. Yet, I do not think we were as confounded to the idea of what to eat as we are now. So, what did we eat that kept us healthy, physically strong, and helped us with our survival? These are questions that may bring answers that we might have missed and thought we have lost. What was our daily diet that can validates our modern nutritional requirement, and is this requirement corrects in the sense of our inherited nutritional biology? We know we weren't as sick as we are today—what we were eating must have been promoting healing and keeping us healthy. Remember, we did not have none of the mundane technological apparatus to analyze trace elements or minerals in our food or our body, so how and what did we eat?

We can analyze animals that have not changed their way of life since the dawn of creation. One thing that is concrete is that people cannot out do the universal creator. Everything that was here since beginning cannot be made better—they are perfect in their perspective places. You and I cannot make a shinier sun, better oxygen, or a better ocean. Being said, Let us take the gorilla for this demonstration. Gorilla lives in territorial community. In the circumstance of that territory, a particular gorilla community will search for foods. Through smelling, touching, tasting, and seeing some foods are selected, but it is instinct that guides the gorilla community through much of the selection for their food. When food is found, as a whole, they would settle and every member of that community would eat their fill. After every gorilla has had enough of that particular food, then they would move elsewhere. Although not yet full, they would move to other kinds of food. 

So how do the gorillas know when they have had their fill of one food, therefore, decides to move on to other foods. The gorilla elders—the alpha male would give the signal when he realizes the others are no longer eating or when that particular food is no longer hold interest in taste. Very important, the most logical sense is that the alpha male understands each gorilla has an unique nutritional need. Some may require more or less of a mineral and may need to eat more or less of a certain food type. The alpha male somehow understands something we human have forgotten.  For instance, each person has his/her own nutritional needs. It makes no sense to have a nutritional requirement catering to the general population.  This is what they have done. For example, some people may be anemic, therefore, should have a diet rich in iron. For others it maybe zinc, copper, lithium, or magnesium, etc., the list goes on… Gorillas understand different gorilla’s nutritional needs. They displayed this when eating food by waiting for individuals until that food becomes distasteful to such gorilla—when a food no longer desirable to eat.

 Instinctively eating is natural foods in their biological state, which our body recognizes. When our bodies require certain minerals, some food will look, smell, and taste desirable to eat, then as our body has it needs, you will find that same food no longer taste the same. This only happens with natural food your body can recognizes because they share the same natural biological structure. Natural food and your body is one of the same—they are made of the same life dust. They will communicate while neither has been altered. The food has to remain in its original state—the way nature produced it.

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