How to do a whole body cleansing

The body is always trying to cleanse itself through these various apparatus whenever it is dis-ease, the nostrils, skin, and scalp, usually through the kidney, the liver, urine, and the bale movement. No matter what the disease is the body has to rely on these instruments in order to purify its self.

Natural traditional herbs can also help the body to remedy or aid it's self when at a dis-ease state. Remember to only use alkaline herbs; do not use hybrid herbs or man-made herbs. If you do not know the herbs, does some research before you use such herb? Hybrid herbs will not treat or aid your dis-ease. In fact, they may end up doing the opposite. Here is a small list of natural alkaline herbs to help you-Keep in mind that these herbs may have multiple uses and that all of the uses are not listed Hereford each individual herb. A more extensive list will be posted in do times

Milk thistle /bell berry:

Can be taking combine or alone

For sugar addiction and cleanse the liver

Devil's claw:

For arthritis

Cat's claw/fever few:

For inflammation

Hawthorn berry:

For blood pressure, heart, and circulation

Cayenne pepper:

For circulation and bacteria

Wild cherry bark:



To calm the nerves

Cat nip/chamomile:

For depression

Milk thistle, Jupiter berry, and cube berry:

To detox the liver


For appetite stimulant

Gotu kola/ ginkgo:

For memory lost

Fever few:

For migraine/headache

Red raspberry, chase tree berry:

For Menstrual irregularity

Chamomile/ ginger:

For nausea

Saw palmetto:

For the prostrate

Tea tree oil, chamomile:

For skin condition

Dandelion roots:

To cleanse the kidney

Burdock root:

Blood cleanser


Mucus, bacteria, and congestion


For mucus and the lungs

Blue vervain:

For bladder stones, gall stones, kidney stones, liver, intestinal tract, mucus, lungs, and overall body health