How to digest a regrettable unhealthy meal

It happens to all of us, the instant gratification of cravings. Wanting to eat something to quench your taste buzz or emotion, whether it's healthy or not, often times, the feeling can be overwhelming. The back side if you did not hold your ground can be worser. I'm talking about the after effects of feeling constipated, tired, and an unpleasant distorted self. If you are like me, there is this guilt that follows. Feeling I have violated my diet, again. I want to get back on tract, must get back, but the food is still in my stomach prolonging my guilt. What do I do? "Healthy is giving to those who have walked the path," alkhalife. Here are some tips to quickly digest an unhealthy meal

1. Ginger

Blend three to four pieces of ginger with three or more cups of water-depends on how potent you want it to be, you can use more or less water. I sometimes boil it to Luke- warm, but I also sometimes drink it fresh and raw out of my blender- it is up to you. Ginger helps with digestion and intestinal cleansing. Ginger will also help getting rid food waste and bacteria from your gut.

2. Lemongrass is also good for digestion, but I rather use ginger. I think ginger is more effective on that aspect. Bad food produces mucus; mucus stops your body from receiving oxygen. I used lemongrass for clearing out mucus from my lungs, it is good for nasal congestion, and it keeps free radicals away. Moreover, lemongrass is a bacterial repellent, it flushes out old food's bacterial was out of your system.

3. Dandelion root

Dandelion root will make sure nothing sits inside of you for long; it will flushes you out completely including washing your in tire internal environment, such as liver, kidney, large and small intestines, and colon, etc. dandelion is one of my routine herb for cleansing because it's ability to flush out many other organs in the body, For example, the bladder, urinary tract, blood, and the colon.

Share some if your own tips that you use to aid digestion or any natural herbs that you cleanse your body with?