How did I fall ill: A royal road to Healing through purify Fasting, Dr. Sebi

How did I fall ill Healing through purify Fasting, Dr. Sebi

A Diet Wrong in Quality and quantity flips a Blessing into a curse ( ill suffering, mucus, and chronic diseases), Dr. Alvenia Fulton. In a world where hunger is eminent, in most places around the world very little support is giving to fasting. Maybe because fasting is unfairly associated with hunger, people tend to think of starving Africans and malnourishment as a result of fasting. But, we can easily illustrate that people are likely to become ill when their table is full. During times of plenty people are prone to suffering from the lack of nourishment and undernourishment than when there is a shortage of foods.

It has been proven that when a person starts losing weight, so is a host of other diseases and illnesses , such as appendicitis, diabetes, heart, diseases, circulatory, rheumatic, a number of stomach illnesses, intestinal, kidney, and nerve complaints.


Plenty of the wrong food diet

It has been estimated that an alarming high percentage of all sickness or diseases born from that kind of improper nourishment. Fasting becomes logical because a large sum of sick people are the victim of improper diet, over-nourishment, alcohol, and tobacco.  According to Dick Gregory, good nutrition was having plenty to eat and it didn't matter what the food was, but as long as he had plenty of it. Of course he figured out he was wrong about the notion of nutrition after being taught by the late famous natural living health expert Dr. Alvenia Fulton who taught Dick how to fast and cleansed mucus out of his body.

Spring purify fasting to cleanse body

Natural  ordinary food and plain cooking give us much pleasure and enjoyment, but we can also find much distress instead of blessing if we remain making the same mistakes. " electric alkaline foods, healthy eating, and drinking natural spring water can keep body and soul together," Dr. Sebi. If I may ad, excellent eating is dieting according  to or following the Rhythm of nature--of which we purify ourselves by fasting once a year to prevent illnesses. The royal road to healing, truly.

Wrong thinking brings illness

There is a wrong perception in people's mind-especially in countries where food is scarce as well as in countries where there is plenty of food, that the body needs a fattening diet to strengthen its defenses in order to be able to resist diseases and to keep illnesses off. In Africa being big is a sign of admiration, special status, and wealth.

Illness mindset

 This is indeed the wrong way of thinking and the consequence of this economic way of seeing things harbor a host of distress and diseases such as rheumatism, gout, eczema, and cancer. It has been scientifically proven that overfed people are more prone to diseases and are more prone to having disastrous casualty of illnesses than slim people who adapt a plain vegetarian diet.  The facts are overwhelming, those who obey the laws of nature, which include a natural wholesome alkaline plant based diet are overwhelmingly have less diseases and live a more abundant live.

Simple way of dieting

People who know the secret adopt a wholesome vegetarian diet. They are less likely to get diseases like eczema, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. unlike people who think that their bodies must have a fattening excess supply of fatty foods and nourishment to strengthen their body's defenses. In reality, they are doing the opposite and are much more susceptible to illnesses by over feeding their bodies with much quantity and quality of the wrong food.

How did I fall ill?

Busy career, technology, and time have enslaved me, controlling my day-to-day activities.  Unauthentic living rule my life and the natural functioning  of my body is out of rhythm. The rhythm of My biological clock is In malfunction. I lived this nervous, anxious, time-restrict, little exercise, and wrong eating contribute to all kinds of diseases.

More to how I fall ill.

My metabolism have slowed down completely. Alcohol and tobacco also a factor, combined, which hindered  my body's organism the possibility of healing itself, therefore, unable to restore balance in my body and being exhausted to illnesses and diseases.

Disharmony brings a host of suffering and diseases

The harmonious function of the organs, tissues, glands, and other body parts are upset. Toxic substances have raided my body; changes took place in the blood vessels, and my body's ability of energy-transformation degenerated. What I have left is a pain-ridden suffering human body that is full of toxic substances.

Discipline for good health

Am I the only one or is "Most of our suffering from pain-staking diseases are the fruits of our desires", Dr. Sebi.  We have to learn to exercise our courage and put in practice our will-power to stop against foods that are wrong in quality and quantity: disease generated  spoiling food made through industrial processes, GMO, and health damaging habits like tobacco and alcohol.

The laws of life

You and I must understand that our body is subject to the laws of nature.  We make a huge mistake when we disobey with nutrition and other living factors. As a result, we ruin our health and we get hill from all forms of acute or chronic diseases. When we suddenly find ourselves in this acute state of illness, then the realization for fasting dwell upon us.

Nature signs of an illness

Nature has many signs to warn us that our bodies have an acute illness. The most likely symptom from nature that there is an illness or disease is the lost of appetite. "fasting is recognized has a healing apparatus of nature," Dr. Africa. The lost of appetite is a clear warning that the organisms have fallen ill.  Other types of warning signs or symptoms characterize from nature when we have falling ill, which signals a time for fasting as a healing measure from nature are sweating, diarrhea, and vomiting etc,.

Wise self-healing

According to Dr. Lailla, "the wise self-healing power of our body has the superior abilities that even the most qualified doctor could not perform the healing miracles artistically as our body is able to." Yes, it is that simple; the art of shifting chronic diseases is simply to fast with fruit juices or alkaline tea for the evacuation of the bowels for acute diseases like influenza, scarlet fever, diphtheria, pneumonia, and tonsillitis, etc.

Purify body by fasting: a thorough cleansing

I shall conclude my talk here without a conclusion the way I began. I fall ill because I violated the laws of nature, for which nature punishes me With diseases. Now, I must correct my wrong doing and obey nature's laws. I must purify myself, purify my body, and I must build it up again by undergoing a thorough cleansing. Like nature, The way to healing is represented by fasting to preserve the body of my immortal soul. My spring cleaning fast.