How to clean your vagina with Apple Cider vinegar instead of douching

DIY vagina clean detox

We get a lot of questions about how to clean the vagina. people want to know exactly how to use apple cider vinegar to clean their vagina or yoni. i'm going to try to go into cleaning the vagina a little bit by using  the apple cider vinegar cleanse and how you can use it to keep your yoni clean.


So you may have seen the apple cider vinegar cleanse on dr. oz and other doctors; it's been talked about on quite a few internet sites but, they don't always go into detail on how you can use Apple cider vinegar to help your clean your vagina.


apple cider vinegar benefits are many and it has a lot of different applications that are very useful to the body, which are weight loss, you can use it in your hair if you're losing hair to help your hair grow, you can use it as a deodorant under your arms, you can use it to clear acne, whiten your teeth, and Apple cider vinegar even works to boost your energy, but today we want to know how you use Apple cider vinegar to help your vagina.


Keep in mind that there are more than one application to using apple cider vinegar to cleanse the vagina; one of which involves douching. Douching may not always be an option for various reasons, for example,  space or making and getting of all the stuff that you will need to do the vaginal cleanse. Therefore, the easiest way to do the apple cider vaginal cleanse is to drink it.


You can use grapefruit and apple cider vinegar mix with water. i usually drink this mixture every day  for a week out of each month just to make sure that everything is running  lovely and you don't actually have to do it as often if you don't want to but it does help to cleanse the system especially if you know that your diet is bad. If you eat a lot of cake, cookies, meat, sugary drinks and other items that you eat, which have excess amounts of sugar to change your PH balance. bacteria thrives on sugar so if you eat a lot of sugar and you don't flush it out with water it tends to feed on itself and multiply so with the apple cider vinegar cleanse you are expelling those sugars from your body and keeping your ph level balanced.

vagina clean detox

How to clean the vagina Apple cider vinegar


The simple way is an all natural(White House)apple cider vinegar with the mother inside. what is the mother?  the mother is a small piece of fermented apple cider and it helps to keep the good bacteria going inside the apple cider vinegar when it's on the shelf for when you have it at home, so when you have the mother inside it doesn't deteriorate as fast as if you don't have the mother.


A bottle of vinegar can last about two weeks, so it doesn't really matter if the mothers in it but if you're using it not as frequent, then you do want the mother to be in there to make sure that it stays potent.


 Finally, how do you use Apple cider vinegar to clean your vagina? you just incorporate apple cider vinegar into your water regimen each day. I would suggest starting off with about eight ounces of water and maybe a cat fuller of apple cider vinegar to taste; remember it is still vinegar, so it has a strong taste to it. once you add that cat fuller, you can either drink it cold or room temperature depending on you. I personally prefer to drink it with ice water because it tastes better and it goes down a little bit faster.


It takes about a week or two to get through your system and cleans out the bad bacteria and helps to multiply the good bacteria. when the good bacteria starts flourish, then your body is able to build up the it's ph level and keep your vagina clean.  you will notice that if you had issues with yeast infections or UTI, you will have less symptoms if you continue with the cleanse on a regular basis.


So this is the apple cider vinegar to clean your vagina; it's not complicated at all it's really not as hard as people make it seems.