How to Build Strong bones: Dr. Sebi calcium

How to Build Strong bones: Dr. Sebi calcium

There are things everyone can do at any age to improve the quality of their bone structure.  Knowing what to eat to get the minerals needed or knowing what avoid so you are not extracting minerals from your bones. Older people who are 85 are more likely to break a hip than people who are 65. Nutrient absorption continues to be reduced from the mid-40s onward. The problem accelerates after 60 years old. 


Natural Remedies for building strong bones

You cannot succeed in life without good strong healthy bones. The bones most likely to be damaged by lack of care are your teeth, hip, spine, jawbone, legs, and joints--are all very important for a productive life. The objective is to achieve your highest possible bone mass before old age, and then to maintain it as long as possible. The following bone health tips will help you. 


Diet building strong bones

Eat plenty of vegetables, raw steamed and raw vegetable juices daily. 

Dr. Sebi Calcium:

Calcium and minerals are found abundantly in natural foods such as green leafy vegetables, kale juice, and amaranth leaves. Other foods that are high in calcium are turnip greens, sesame seeds, spirulina, and almonds. See natural food guide for more vegetable


The grains that are high in calcium are amaranth, quinoa, wild rice, and fonio. 


Dr. Sebi calcium herbs for strong bones

Horsetail, dill, basil, thyme, oregano, poppy seed, sage, clove, fennel seeds, honey bush, rooibos, and rosemary.


Foods to Avoid

The following foods remove calcium and other minerals from the food before it is digested from the bones:


Chocolate, caffeine products, white sugar products, high meat diet, smoking, and alcohol. Smoking produces osteoporosis and similar bone problems. Vinegar and meat acids diminish bone mass. Meat acid, uric acid, and purines acid do not change to alkaline forms after they leave the stomach. Do not eat meat if you want strong healthy bones and joints. 


Avoid large meals and over eating

High sugar diets will cause calcium to be excreted in the urine. 

Excess sodium cause calcium lost

White flour products contain chlorine, which is harmful to the bones.

Do not drink chlorinated water

Yeast products cause calcium

Do not use foods with preservative

Cola drinks

Too much fat intake reduces bone mass

High protein diet causes calcium loss


Exercise strengthens the bones. Regular exercise, such as walking will lay more minerals in the bones to strengthen them. Daily outdoor ex reside provides vitamin D and stimulates osteoblastic cells. 



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