Child bonding through breast feeding

When enough breastfeeding is not sufficient, child bonding through breast milk can prevent a violent child and psychological behaviors. Studies have shown children who were breast fed are less likely to develop violent behaviors and are less likely to suffer from psychological issues.

Disease as a kiss of death to the hungry

Disease and hunger when one is poor, disease and plenty when one is lavish or rich, and you get disease and death when one is miss-informed. That is why you need to carve you own path. I have done long ago. Do not follow me or anyone for that matter, carve your own path.

Amazing water Ph. experiment questions what you are really drinking

Water makes about 70- 80 percent of our body. For example, an adult person is carrying about nine to 12 gallons of water in his/her body. The muscles and heart make up 70 percent, your brain and kidneys are about 83 percent, your lungs are about 85 percent, and your eyes are about 96 percent.

Black Hair Care Info: Zinc

Food for natural hair such as the mineral zinc, rich iron foods, and copper rich foods are among the best fruits and vegetables that are excellent for growing beautiful strong long hair. The alkaline nutritional guide from Dr. Sebi is the top food list for growing natural hair.



The skin is the largest organ in the body so it's imperative that it is well taking care of; to do that can be somewhat complicated if one doesn't has some nutritional knowledge.

What are the stickers on your fruits and vegetables: PLU Codes Meanings

What is the meaning of plu code attached to your foods? I went to the supermarket to buy groceries like I have always done. I was stopping at different places because the natural food guide I download from alkhalife. I had to go to more than one place to find everything I wanted.

Natural foods that are for beauty: Beauty Foods

Foods to clear up your skin, gives you beautiful natural hair growth, and foods for healthy looking nails. Many of you have heard about yellow lemon, the one that has seed. Lemon is good for your liver.