Food and Spirituality... Alchemical Nutrition... Gene food consistency... Cosmic nutrition... Law of food arrangement

Food and spirituality: agriculture, the chemical Thread to Your Supreme Being

Agriculture in past times was regarded as the gate to the nether world (link from heaven to earth). The paths of lineage are many from whence we come from. Food accounts for one of those paths. This path is through agriculture; being one of the visible apparent routes directly in correlation with the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. The ancient people on this planet understood that what you eat had a direct influence on your culture physically, psychologically, and spiritually along with your geographical origin. Culture deriving from the word agriculture was by no accident.

Land was and still is the iron grid of anchoring ones identity and supports life for all types of living beings on planet earth. Base on the arrangement of continents, cycles, and atmospheric doings-called cosmic arrangement, the ancient help high regard to the piece of geography they were link to.

Land is the platform that the elemental forces or spiritual energies manifesting those principles into physical realities, we see them as animals, trees, humans, and unseen entities. This divine arrangement is manifested from a higher realm out of darkness (spiritual world) coded with electromagnetic waves from RA (sun).

These spiritual energies or forces seeking their correspondence (other self) transform in the form of food. These forces are labeled “molecular structure, biological structure, elements, and minerals, etc.". When they are reunited with their other selves through foods, the individual feels and becomes elevated or ascended because his/her DNA, Cells, Molecules are the missing link which are magnetically pulling their other self towards earth in the thirst of becoming whole again.