Dr sebis natural treatment common cold

Dr sebis natural treatment common cold

The six natural treatments formulas is for anyone who wants to avoid what most people do when he or she becomes sick, which is drugging or surgery. So, I would like to present to you how to use the same healing formulas dr. Sebi and other natural healers practiced around the globe. Now you can use the same principles for giving treatment to a common cold. The formulas are universal, therefore go anywhere on this earth, in any culture, you will witness these same healing principles; they are universal. They are divine treatments of healing the common cold and beyond…


The person with the cold should be place in bed quickly and not be giving solid foods. Instead, provide him or her natural alkaline herbal teas like clove, ginger, or slippery elm.

Apply heat to warn up the person's chilled body parts. If the feet or hands are cold- usually they are for a person with a head cold. To make sure too much blood is not congested in his or her head and chest. You should use blankets for warming.

Give him/her fruits juices with natural spring water, for example, half a cup of juice with a half a cup of water. Or give half of a seeded yellow lemon juice with a half of a cup of water—don’t sweeten it. In fact, keep away food, especially coffee, milk, and junk foods while the body heats up to fight the cold infections. Due a lemon or sour orange juice and natural spring water for one to three days (half and half). During the three days span give only fruit juices and water until no more discharged watery or thick mucus is gone.

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If the person is not sleepy, lie in bed any ways—this is good if there is a headache, place an ice bag or a cold wet towel on the head. If the headache was caused by congestion and nerve strain, it will stop and you will not need to take any drugs or any medicine. Rest the person in bed and his/her congestions will clear and the headache will stop.


If you suffer from a common cold, you'll need one week or maybe two weeks depending on how weak or strong your immune system is for your body to fight the invading bacteria’s or infections. After gathering enough strength to fight off the cold virus and to build its defense to resist future common colds. Drugs will fight the cold virus for you, but drugs and medicine fight and kill both god and bad viruses. Worse, the cold always do come back because most drugs work against your immune system. They do not build the immune system. Following dr. Sebi's six steps natural treatment common cold formulas will cleanse your whole body. The natural common cold treatment is safer than taking drugs, which only suppress, not eliminating the cold—increase the chances of severe diseases.


So to sum up everything, it is safer to give the person raw fruits and vegetables for a few days: seeded yellow lemonade with raw honey or agave nectar to sweeten it for breakfast, dinner, and supper.


After about three days on the fruit juice diet, the evening meals may include a variety of steamed vegetables, nuts, and a variety of raw salads. Depending on the individual, the cold should be eliminated within a few days, a week or two weeks without the use of any synthetic drugs.