Dr. Sebi Cosmic Food Arrangement

cosmic food arrangement

The universal creator places every species with the food needed for gene consistency to support biologically living wherever it may be Africa, Asia, or Europe; this is called cosmic food arrangement. Cosmic food arrangement definition is a diet found wherever there are any forms of life, the food is consistent on a biological molecular level, which feeds gene and determine overall health. That means Asians was placed in Asia with everything they need to support life; the same with Africans in Africa and Europeans in Europe, etc., the creator does not create a living being, and then omit something needed to support life; this is called the consistency of food.


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Natural Living

Dr. Sebi cosmic food arrangement:

Cosmic food arrangement is a plant-based diet that is consistent with the biological molecular structure of one species. It is the food naturally grown in nature without the interference of man that specie eats for nourishment and sustainability. Such food must be consistent with that specie for they share common characteristics: the same climatic origin, the same organic mineral contents, the same local water, which affects the development of all other plants, and agriculture in that area, etc. The foods in turns become the products of our genes, culture, and the unique identity of the people, which Dr. Sebi  called cosmic food arrangement.