Melanin Food

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High content Melanin Food 
Melanin is a pigment found in the skin. It is produced by melanocyte cells and are deposited in the epidermal tissue. Melanocytes are the neurons cells which produce melanin and other proteins responding to electromagnetic  radiation. 
Melanin production takes off by converting tyrosine by an enzyme called tyrosinase 5, six idle quinone. Tyrosinase contains cooper enzyme which made the conversion of tyrosine and stabilized the formation of melanin. On that point is another metal  which is important for the structure of melanin, ion. Are you starting to see why melanin is highly receptive? Cooper and ion are receptive to electricity resulting in a metal organic complex. You have the interaction happening or organic semiconductor among cooper and ions forming a neural network structure absorbing and decoding electromagnetic waves. The neural network  structures are learning machines which are very receptive and can tap to the whole universe. People containing high amount of melanocyte  can create an actual reality state after death.  This is why ancient Africans mummify their body after death to preserve the skin which composes a living neural network of melanin. 
How do you feed your melanin, what foods will nourish melanocyte cells?  Tyrosine, which contains copper and ion are organic metals which are essential for melanin structure. We need  natural foods  that contain tyrosine, cooper, and ion.
Foods that contain tyrosine, cooper, and ion?
Raw seaweed and spirulina
Seeded watermelon
Seeded grapes
 For the complete list, see the natural food guide


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