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Natural Healing Cataracts 
When part or all the eye becomes cloudy because of structural changes to protein fibers within the lens, cataracts then develop. Sometimes one eye is worse than the other. If it's in the middle of the lens or maybe the whole lens, then complete loss of clarity and vision lost may be the case. Because cataracts  are a common form of blindness in older people and should not be ignored in the early stages of development. This article discusses the following (natural healing cataracts, cataracts sunlight, supplements for cataracts, glaucoma cataracts,signs of cataracts) to help potentially someone who may be looking for natural alternative treatment.
Other ways people can get cataracts
People who smoke, those who take steroids,  and people who have the heavy metal poisoning. A study was conducted that woman who smoked 30 cigarettes  a day showed a 69% greater risk of developing cataracts.  
Cataracts Symptoms or signs of cataracts
The symptoms  of cataracts are clouded eye lens that causes inability to focus on objects. In worse case, the lens becoming opaque, as a result, blindness occurs. 
More Adverse Ways Cataracts Can Occur
Cataracts can occur from blows which rupture the anterior lens capsule, infrared radiation  or x-rays, and harmful chemicals.  Free radical damages the eye, which is cause by radiation; the lens will become cloudy because it will absorb aqueous humor, and the lens will have to be remove to restore eyesight. 
Other causes of cataracts:
Being low in calcium and having a high blood sugar level can brings cataracts.  High blood sugar level in diabetes and hypoglycemic causes the cells in the lens to absorb large amounts of glucose.  This is converted into sorbitol , an insoluble form of sugar. This gradually crystallizes  in the eye, forming a cataracts.  The longer one has diabetes, the greater the risk of cataracts. 
Hair dye has shown to cause cataracts. Studies  showed 23% percent of people not using hair dye gets cataracts. 89 percent of those who dye their hair develops cataracts.  Other studies have shown that stress, allergies, and  those who eat seafood  ingesting methymercury are more prone to develop cataracts.  
Lacking vitamins C and B2 over a long period of time in the diet can help develops cataracts. 
Natural Remedies for Cataracts:
Eat good--see natural food guide: fruits vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. It is absolutely important that you eat a nutritious diet. You need to get adequate vitamins C, E, B complex, B1 and B2, selenium, zinc, and bioflavonoids. You should sleep adequately. 
Antioxidants can prevent the cataracts from developing.  Sources of antioxidant are green and yellow fruits and vegetables. Vitamins A, C, E, flavonoids, and selenium are other sources . 
Herbs high in antioxidants for Eye Care:
Catnip, rosemary, peppermint, and ginger.
Food to improve visual acuity:
Blue berries, huckleberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, red globe grapes, plums, wild cherries, and bilberries, and papaya.
What to avoid: 
Do not eat cheese, ice cream , seafood, and drink milk. Do not stay up watching TV till late night-- you are irradiating your eyes.  Avoid long sun exposure: ultraviolet radiation from sun light can worsens cataract.  


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