Black authors, holistic health

Black woman and man health wellness guide: List of black holistic authors


Keith T. Wright---A healthy foods and spiritual nutrition handbook

A Holistic Guide To Family Disorders---RA Un Nefer Amen 1

Mother Nature-- Dick Gregory

Melanin- The Chemical Key To The Great Black---Carol Barnes

Message In A Bottle-- Alfred "Coach" Powell

Melanin---Protective Intoxicant Capabilities in the Black Human and its influence on behavior --- Carole Barnes

How to select and combine fruits, vegetables and tubers through their color- powers---Doctor Ignatius

Helping Hand (Guide to Healthy Living) --/ Henry Anderson

How to eat to live volume 1 and 2-- Elijah Muhalrunad

Health teaching of the ageless wisdom--- R.A. Staughn

Healing, health and transformation- Elaine Ferguson, M.D.

Heal Thyself for health and longevity-- Queen Afua

African Holistic Health--Llaila Afrika

Heal Thyself Cook Book For Natural Living-- Diana Ciccone

Deserts The Vegetarians and Food Lovers Paradise---- Yvonne John

Guyanese Seed of Vegetables-

Forever Young-- Dr. Paul Goss

Dick Gregory's Natural Diet for Folks who Eat--- Dick Gregory

Claim the Victory---Keefa K. Lorraine

Caribbean Medicine---C. Wolfe Kyte

Blue print of black Power---Amos N. Wilson

Basic Herbs for Health and Healing--- Rashan Abdul Hakim

Awakening the Natural Genius in Black Children---Amos Wilson

Aid, Africa and Racism--Richard Rosalin Chirimunta

Nutrition, Herbal and Homeopathic Guide to Healing --- RA Un Neter

Amen 1

Optimizing Health Nutrition -- RA Un Neter Amen 1

Pyramid of power (Ancient African Centered Approach to Optimum Health) -- John T. Chissel, M.D-- John T. Chissel, M.D.

Spiritual Nutrition-- Doctor Ignatus

The Invasion if the Body Snatchers--- Del Jones

Textbook of black related diseases--Richard Williams

The conscious rasta report by Keisi Obi Awadu

The Harlem Hospital Story by Peter Bailey

The Healers---Ayi Kwesi Arrnah

The Last Great Plague upon Man Aids Related Murder Tools--- George C. Hatonn

The rebirth of Gods -- Dr. Paul Goss

The Rejuvenation Plants of Tropical Africa ---Albert A. Enti

The Science and Romance of Selected Herbs Used In Medicine And Religious Ceremony--- Anthony andoh

The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept: A Textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and /or Actions for Victims of Racism (White Supremacy) by Neely Fuller Jr.

To Sale the Blood of Black Babies by Kiarri T.H. Cheatwood

Vaccines are Dangerous --- Curtis Cost

Vegetarian --- Zak . A Kondo


Vitamins and Minerals from A-Z with Ethno-Consciousness --- by Jewel Pookrum, M.D.

What is Safe in The Age of Aids-if you only Know What They Aren't Teaching You-- Curtis Cost

Yurugu--- Marimba Ani.