11 worst fatty liver disease bad foods to avoid

Avoid fatty liver disease bad foods to keep your liver healthy. Caring for the liver is absolutely important because no one wants to have a fatty liver disease due to bad foods; alcohol or any other means that can cause damaged liver. The liver is like a sponge for the body. The liver secretes digestive fluids for carbohydrates and preserves energy. It performs very complicated tasks for the body and chemically handles complex functions, so avoid fatty foods, synthetic drugs, and tobacco. They are all bad for the liver.


Things that can damage liver

  • Do not over eat anything because something simple as overeating can damage the liver. Eating all and what you want is just going to stress and wear out the liver.

Wrong liver foods to avoid because eating and drinking the wrong thing that your liver has difficulty with can cause liver damaged

  • White flour products are bad liver foods
  • White sugar is bad for the liver health
  • Processed foods
  • Imitation foods- foods that have been highly process and refined and have no real vitamins and minerals left in them. These bad liver foods are synthetics colors, flavors, sugar, fats, and odors.
  • Fried foods
  • Poison foods: alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and synthetic drugs
  • Insecticides and pesticide in the foods cause liver damage

Drugs over the counter

Taking prescribe or non prescribe drugs over the counter will cause liver damage because the liver has to work very hard to get rid of the synthetic chemicals these drugs contain.


11 Fatty liver foods to avoid:

By eating foods for liver health, you are treating your liver the right way. Have you wonder way organ transplant is the best commodity in the world? People are simply aren't treating their liver right along with the other bodily organs. This part of the reason body parts as a business has been growing so rapidly. Don't eat fatty liver disease bad foods that will definite liver damaged. Fatty liver foods to avoid, the list below will destroy your liver if you over eat them.

  • Meat, eating meat is dangerous to the liver.
  • Fried fatty foods is harmful to your liver
  • White Rice is not a good liver food
  • Black and white pepper
  • Cheese
  • Refined and processed food can cause liver damaged
  • Drugs and iron supplements will do liver damaged
  • Cod liver oil is harmful to the liver
  • Milk is not friendly to the liver
  • Pastries are bad liver foods
  • Lastly, avoid nicotine, alcohol, fish, and caffeine.


The positive thing about taking care of your liver is that you are taking care of you kidney as well. For that reason, the fatty liver disease bad foods are harmful to your kidney also. Another point about caring for the liver is that most doctors and alternative healers understand, if your liver is healthy, other fatal disease like cancer can likely be taking care of, but if your liver has been beating up and weaken, the possibility wining against a disease like cancer may be out the door. With that being said, a healthy liver champions life because so much of your health and wellbeing depends on you having a normal functioning liver.