What is my body type?

So many people have questions about body types: how they should eat for their body type, how they should train for their body type, and what it means to have a specific body type.

Foods for kidney health that can save you plenty of money

Foods for kidney health can solve the worst problems yet to come. I think it's less costly financially and health-wise to avoid certain foods for kidney health than to eat any food that can damage the kidney.

3 credible ingenious ways metals affect your body

Metals are forms of energy. They give energy, conduct energy, and they receive energy. They are found in trace in the Human body. They are a part of the mineral kingdom, which consist of living substances. Metals respond to light, heat, air, water, electricity, music, and have rhythmic cycles.

Dr. sebi talks about herpes

What causes herpes, cold sores, fever blisters, and herpes simplex type one? They all fall in the same category. Herpes dating websites is on the rise.

Increase Minerals and Oxygen in your Body

The human body is made of minerals in the form of flesh, blood, and bones, etc., there are over 102 different minerals found in the earth's soil as well as the human body. My body, your body, or our body is made of mineral stuff.