The food that awakens stressed glands

I never wanted to believe the thought that something was wrong with my glands. Even though, I accepted to try alfalfa tea. I replaced my caffeine-containing tea coffee and the tannic-acid containing tea for this natural alfalfa herb. Plus, I stopped eating starchy food, sugar, and junk food.

How to do a whole body cleansing

The body is always trying to cleanse itself through these various apparatus whenever it is dis-ease, the nostrils, skin, and scalp, usually through the kidney, the liver, urine, and the bale movement.

Dumb but Healthy, How I do it

The conception that people have to have a tub of knowledge about vitamins, nutrition, calories, protein, anatomy, diseases, and a stack of medical credentials, etc., in order to eat healthy and sustain manageable good health.

How to Help Your Earache and Ear Infection

Are you experiencing ear ache symptoms of one or both of your ears? It may be an infection in the middle of your ear. Does it get worse at night when you sleep? That's because your body is lying flat, which makes it more difficult for the Eustachian to drain out the phlegm.

Yoni Egg Exercises For Womb Wellness

Yoni egg is a carved crystal, which women can use for internal transformation. You insert the egg into your vagina and it transforms you on a cellular energetic level and put that focused and conscious attention to your wombuniverse.