Natural foods that are for beauty: Beauty Foods

Foods to clear up your skin, gives you beautiful natural hair growth, and foods for healthy looking nails. Many of you have heard about yellow lemon, the one that has seed. Lemon is good for your liver.

Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is dangerous to your melanin!

Brominated vegetable oil is a flavor enhancer in most soft drinks. It is also known as BVO. The Vegetable Oil is used to mix flavored citrus beverages to keep the flavor intact. BVO is banned in many countries like India, Japan, and Europe.

Aniseeds good for sperm boost and libido drives

Are aniseeds good for sperm boost? People want to know if aniseeds can be used as an aphrodisiac to boost libido drive. We go on to find out aniseed benefits. Are there evidence that aniseeds is an aphrodisiac, if so, does aniseed good for boosting sperm count and even help with libido drive.

Spiritual Bath Ingredients Natural Cosmetics

Rejuvenation and stimulation bath to embrace the renewing effects of spiritual bathing. The fragrance essentials of red roses, the warm water, and the healing properties of herbs are combined to bring natures way of restoring you harmony.