What does Dr. Sebi said GMO Foods are ding; Different species of plants/animals to create certain preferable new breed that may or may not be suitable for healthy consumption.

Organs are the only commodities that people must have to live that you cannot buy in a store. So if you are sick and you need a heart, you can't buy a heart at a store.

The vagina is an organ of detox itself. Women have a menstrual cycle every month, hormone fluctuations, babies, and a man’s penis to contend with. Women age, their vaginas need healthy cleansing.

Avoid fatty liver disease bad foods to keep your liver healthy. Caring for the liver is absolutely important because no one wants to have a fatty liver disease due to bad foods; alcohol or any other means that can cause damaged liver.

In his book “let's get well,” Pablo Areola states that black people of African descent are not programmed or cannot digest milk, cheese and other dairy products as food for health. After Mr. Pablo Areola made the statement that black people were not programmed to digest milk. Dr.

Being healthy is easy, those are the words I often hear from the speeches of Dr. Sebi.

Phlegm is that thick mucus like gel or slime produced by the mucous membranes, and like mucus, phlegm comes out by coughing through the respiratory passages: lungs, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, or the diaphragm.

Vegetarians are supposed to be healthier than people who consume animal products. Scientifically it is known that a plant-based diet significantly enriches the quality health rather than consuming the flesh of farm raised animals.